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 Community Highlights for Power Apps for May 2020 


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We are excited to be announcing our top five contributors for our Power Apps users and our Super Users. This achievement isn't easy, and those who make it here have usually set a goal to help as many community members as they can and are using their own free time to give back to this awesome community.

May Top 5 - 62220.JPG


Power Apps Super Users:  @mdevaney, @Drrickryp , @timl  @efialttes@yashag2255

Power Apps Users:  @WarrenBelz, @eka24, @ScottShearer, @abm, @KrishnaV


Featured Blog: 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – Integrate Common Data Service (CDS) with Power Automate UI Flow a...

In this article I want to talk about the solution provided by Microsoft for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) through an example that involving Common Data Service, Power Automate and Paint… yes, you got it right, Paint!

by: @capuanodanilo


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Support Article Update - ‘Asking, Answering, and Accepting’ is now ‘Contributing to the Community’

We have made some major updates to one of our support articles, 'Asking, Answering, and Accepting'. The article is now called ‘Contributing to the Community’ and has new information on what to do if your post is marked as spam and how to use the galleries.


Super Users: 

What is A Super User? 

Just as the name suggests the Super Users are the superheroes of our community. They are especially active and helpful community members who respond with solutions to issues, create posts for our community blog, and share Data Stories. Besides providing a large volume of useful content and interactions, they are also recognized for the quality of their posts. In addition to being awarded a specific forum badge, they are invited to special monthly Super User meetings with the Power Apps community leadership and product teams. They have access to private parts of our forum and are given previews of future community and Power Apps features. Another perk is that Super Users are nominated for consideration to the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) title.


If you’ve always wondered who the folks are that are that are so helpful when it comes to answering your questions, you should check out our post with biographies and photos of some of the Super Users from Season 1 of this 2020.


Visit here for How to become a Super User:


Check out the Entries of the Demo Extravaganza 2020-

The Top 5 have been selected and we ask that you go out and vote for your favorite by using a Kudos for your vote.


As always, thank you for being part of the Power Apps Community!

Advocate II
Advocate II

Hi! Today I will show how to use python language inside your PCF, showing how the platform is so wide and you can do incredible things.


I'm a PCF lover 🥰, and when I love something in the technologic world, I try to understand each byte of the subject. In PCF I'm doing a lot of studies to better understand how works. And one thing that gave me curiously is that PCF use webpack to build the component. I thought, a lot of web components in the world use webpack, can we use too on PCF?


So I'm started to search what I can you on my PCF's? So I found a lot of cool things to use likes Sass(in the next post) and Python.