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Community Champion

PowerApps I'm Fine App by Pei Pei


In an emergency situation, we all worry about the safety of our friends and colleagues. With this app, you can just push a Flow button to inform everyone in your team that you are safe and shows your location from the app. Your data will be saved in SharePoint list



Community Champion
Community Champion

Bryant Boyer 


Here's the PowerApp I built for my org. I'm a citizen developer, and so I work outside of IT and don't have IT resources. BUT, I'm passionate about my job and my workplace. I'm terrible with names and faces, and with so many people working outside of the building, I had an idea of how PowerApps could solve my issue.

I call it, "Who's on the BrainStorm Bus," BrainStorm being the company that I work for. Here's how it works:

  1. You begin with a leaderboard and see who else has been learning their coworkers names. The gamification was huge in the adoption of the app. Two metrics: Overall score (correct guesses) and current streak (current number of correct guesses in a row).
  2. The play button launches you into a multiple choice guess of one of your coworkers. Score and streak is listed at the bottom. All the names are pulled from Azure and are real employees.
  3. If you guess incorrectly, your streak resets. It won't advance unless you guess right.
  4. Once you guess right, you streak and score increase, and the names and faces are shuffled to present a new coworker.
  5. What happens if your coworker has no image in Delve? A message appears with a button to anonymously message them in Teams to a) add a photo in Delve (instructions included), b) join in the fun and play the BrainStorm bus! We had 75% of users without a picture in Delve add it in the first week.
  6. Once you've reached 100 points, it gets harder. The game will randomly switch between a fill-in-the-blank and multiple choice. Your knowledge gets tested pretty quickly!

  7. And that's it! I was able to create it with the help of IT, and I added it as a result in Microsoft Search in Bing, which really helped in findability.culture6.png

Community Champion
Community Champion

ITS Retreat Photo App by Pei Pei


This app is for our retreat to take photos. The photos will be saved to SharePoint photo library and post to Yammer immediately.

ITS Retreat Photo1.jpg

ITS Retreat Photo3.jpgITS Retreat Photo2.jpg

Community Champion
Community Champion

PowerApp: Get off my lawn!!!!! 

 Fun with AI Builder (Steve Malmgren)

This simple app leverages the new “preview AI Builder” capabilities recently introduced to the Power Platform.  I’ve built an Object Detection model (inspired by “Hot Dog, Not Hot Dog” from the HBO Silicon Valley show) to detect dog(s) on a lawn.  I then built a PowerApp to use the ObjectDetector control to analyze an image.  If a positive hit is detected, a Flow is invoked that uses a Custom Connector (created using a Postman Collection) against the Rachio API, to turn on my front lawn sprinklers. 


Components Used:                     













AI Builder – Object Detection Overview


Rachio API documentation


Creating a Customer Connector using Postman


The PowerApps, Flow and Common Data Service engineering teams are running a limited number of enablement offerings for partners called Partner Airlifts and Partner Architecture Bootcamps.



Power Platform 24 is the 24-hour virtual conference focused on the Power Platform and Dynamics 365. Join Power Platform enthusiasts and Microsoft dignitaries from around the world for a full day of sessions about Microsoft Business Applications. No matter where you are in the world, this is in your timezone.