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Skilled Sharer
Skilled Sharer

Sometimes, when we add data cards columns in form, then for better user interface we need to adjust its X and Y position which is very tedious task. Or, we can used snap column feature. but that didn`t so much helpful.


So, to solve this type of issue, there is a way. 

  1. Create a blank custom data card.
  2. Create text input field within the new custom data card, you can create multiple fields based on your requirement and puts all in the same custom data card (you can set its width and height accordingly, as per your design). You can drag and set your UI on within that custom data card.
  3. Now, on the field data card sets its 'Update' setting to textinput.text and the hide this field data card.


That is the simplest and best way to adjust your UI of the form.