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#2 Publisher in Power Platform



As per Out of Behavior, Power platform will provide default prefix for custom entities as new_ or cr608_. To create custom prefix we need to create a publisher so that we can use our custom prefix while creating custom entities or custom fields in custom tables or OOB tables.


Implementation Steps:


1. Navigate to


2. Click on Solutions


3. Then Click on New Solution then select New Publisher Button




4. It will Navigate to another screen to Create a Publisher. Enter the Mandatory Details as Display Name/Name/Prefix

In this Demo am selected my Prefix as demo




5. If you want to enter Contact details about the publisher click on Contact and enter the details (Not Mandatory)




6. Once Done Click On Save Button to Save the Publisher




That's it. This is how we need to create Publisher.


Please find the Video for your reference



Series 3 : How to Create Solutions



When do we create new publisher? Does it makes sense to have 1 publisher per department, if a department usually shares app and data? If I have a set of common solutions and data that will be shared across the company does it make sense to have 1 solution for this shared data?
When do I decide when to create a new publisher?

Hi @mjbcruz,

I would suggest to always use the same publisher within you organisation especially if you’re working with managed solutions in your non-dev instances. 
If you’re sharing common components, still with the same publisher, have a core or common environment where these changes occur and then a managed solution containing the common components is installed on all the other instances including other dev instances that might be dependent on those common components. I suggest to go through this documentation and related pages to have a proper environment and ALM strategy: 

@mjbcruz  to answer your question we can create multiple Publishers in an organization.


But as per @EricRegnier  its good to have only one publisher in an organization.