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A good user interface with no pro-dev stuff.

Having said the above, lets be honest Power Apps have you dig deep sometimes to have that visual appeal that let users go "oh yeah i want to use this". 


There is a lot of literature on a good UI and UX, at the end of the day what matters most is what your user say about your app irrespective of conformance to every good/best practice out there. So is there a way to create something appealing without running to your pro-dev skill-set, the answer is yes and in this blog i will shed some light on one control, the gallery and some other ones to create something users wants to use?


Lets do as Stephen Covey and start with the end in mind; create a landing pad that is intuitive enough to use the app without reading the manual and have enough information to gauge the state of a certain business function/process/area etc.


The App: 

Peek 2022-05-21 19-49.gif

All the cards are galleries


All the functions are as named in the business process is available which gives an immediate familiarity, eradicating any ambiguity and provide the intuitiveness required. Some header for example is "Create New Request" with a description. On some of the cards the user is informed of the total relevant to the business function, e.g. Some header = "Approve Request" with a total of 5, which indicates to the user they have 5 items to approve etc.



Gives a quick insight into the business area/department/function relative to the business functions. Some header could be "non-conformance items" and when the user hover over it the request id of the items is displayed, giving immediate insight.


If something needs immediate attention, a visual indicator, flashing warning icon is drawing your attention, "uhm have a look at me"


Top 5

Some of us prefer a graph to tell the story. here a gallery with a rectangle is used to tell the story with a slight colorfill. hover over the items will give insight, purple means all items in the business is compliant, whereas a red fill means you have a non-conformance. 



An easy on the eye app that users find much easier to use than the current app. it has a modern feel and without a click of a button the app is providing information that guides which business function (card) to click.


There we go for sure, Power Apps can deliver a good UI and UX, albeit maybe a subjective statement, i will let you decide.


If you wish i will add the code in a follow up blog.