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Apps with Batch Saving & Single Record Updating [Part 3: Final]

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In the previous Chapter, I had shared on the basic coding for SAVE New data.

In this Final Chapter, let's concentrate on how can we UPDATE a single record using

- UpdateIf function based on CONDITION


Why use Toggle?

As I was responding to @OlaH’s question, and understand that using Toggle looks more gorgeous and App’s like looking, I also found that Toggle is very suitable for small screen, user-friendly and widely used in most of the Apps.


Anyhow, as Toggle hasmany behavior action, this shall be selected carefully:

- OnCheck

- OnUnCheck

- OnChnage

- OnSelect


The main reason that I use OnSelect is because I wish to have the UpdateIf being triggered only when selected, NOT OnCheck or OnUnCheck.

[OnChange must be avoided here because when I change the Date, the defaults values will make the Toggle value change to either true / false (defaults value), and this will trigger UpdateIf, In which this is supposed not to happen.]




Toggle1.OnSelect =


UpdateContext({LoadingIcon: true});


Date = 'Today-Date'.Text && Grade = DropdownGrade.Selected.Result && StudentName = 'Student-Name'.Text && Attendance <> Text(Toggle1.Value),

{Attendance: Toggle1.Value, Reason: DropdownReason.Selected.Value, Teacher: DropdownTeacher.Selected.Result}); UpdateContext({LoadingIcon: false})


Select Reason, Change Attendance (Toggle)Select Reason, Change Attendance (Toggle)                    Update in processUpdate in process

Rational Reason


What happens when toggle is SELECTED (or changed, and after RELEASE of the toggle button):

  • Since the …. (left to right dots indicating saving in process) is not obvious, again, I use a GIF file to remind of the saving process & turn off after completion of updating
  • -When Date/Grade/StudentName MATCH and Current Selected Attendance (Toggle selected value, either true to false OR false to true) is NOT EQUAL to the actual Attendance Value in Existing datasource, UpdateIf will fire.
  • - {…………} will be used to Update selected field. In this example, Attendance (key reason) is updated, Reason and so does the Teacher (who did the change)
  • For me, the is the most tricky part. Play with it and rest assure you that you will do better than me.
  • -UpdateIf is much faster compare to PATCH or UPDATE because it only save on selected row of records / columns




Patch, ForAll, UpdteIf, with conditions formula, altogether are sufficient in creating a CRUD environment.

[I do not include DELETE in this sample as it is not my intention to delete data]

Appreciate comments for improvement and at the same time, wishing those who needs equivalent application will benefit from this detailed explanation sample.

Feel free to see the:

- Sample Apps

- Sample Data

- Simple demo video