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Briefs: Key takeaways from “What's new and what's next for the Microsoft Power Platform​” with Charles Lamanna at Ignite




Key takeaways from “What's new and what's next for the Microsoft Power Platform​” with Charles Lamanna at Ignite


Interesting stats:

  • 50% of digital work can be automated with current tech
  • There is a shortfall of 1M developers in the USA alone
  • 86% of companies struggle to hire tech talent
  • 86% of Fortune 500 companies use Power Apps (funny coincidence that those two %’s are the same)
  • 97% of Fortune 500 companies use Power Platform

Major Announcement 1: Power Automate Desktop now available with Windows 10

Major Announcement 2: Lots of new security and governance tools

  • Governance Controls: Endpoint filtering
    • “It's now possible to restrict connectors from particular endpoints based on IP address or fully qualified domain name so that you can grant access to say, the SQL connector, but restricted to only a subset of servers or to IP ranges that you approve centrally. This more granular control unlock so much adoption for many of our customers because you don't just have to turn a connector on and off, but instead, you turn it on with restrictions.”
    • Public preview: April 2021
  • Data Loss Prevention: Connector action controls
    • “This makes it so that you don't have to block an entire connector at once, but instead, can allow and deny individual actions on that connector. For example, with a Twitter connector, you could choose to allow all read-only operations but to block all write operations.”
  • Governance Controls: Tenant isolation
  • Governance Controls: Tenant wide analytics
    • “We also have a whole bunch of new reporting capabilities built into the Power Platform Admin Center. Because everything runs in the cloud, you can see every app, every bot, every dashboard, everything that's being built in your tenant, and you can understand its usage, when it connects to, and any potential risks.”
  • Microsoft Information Protection support
    • “You'll be able to label your data based on sensitivity like high business impact or low business impact, and that this label will flow with the data as it moves through the Power Platform into M365 and also to Azure, all seamlessly integrated with one Microsoft story for data labeling and data security.”

Major Announcement 3: Power Fx

  • “Power Fx is our open source language for low code programming. That same expression bar that you're used to you inside of Power Apps [canvas apps]
  • “This summer, we're going to have model-driven applications support, as well as Dataverse plugins which can run this Power Fx formula language so that no matter where you are in the Power Platform, you can always confidently go drop into this expression language.”
  • “Additionally, by the end of this year, we're going to have Dataverse calculated fields, as well as AI Builder data prep, and Power Virtual Agents, string manipulation and variable assignment using Power Fx.”
  • Details: Introducing Microsoft Power Fx: the low-code programming language for everyone | Microsoft Power App...
  • More details: What is Microsoft Power Fx? | Microsoft Power Apps

Watch the full session here:

MyIgnite - What's new and what's next for the Microsoft Power Platform​ ​


Quotes extracted from the session transcript, available here: