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Coming Soon: T-Shirt Design Contest

Keep your eyes open for our upcoming T-shirt design contest! Going with the Power Platform motto of "Powerful alone. Better together," we are inviting you to a create T-shirt designs that encompass all 5 products in the family, Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents, and Microsoft Dynamics, using the product colors.


We will post when we have more details to share. We suggest that you use the wait time to brainstorm some cool design ideas. 


Yayy, so excited.


So does anyone remember Voltron? For the uninitiated, Voltron is a giant humanoid mech that is created from five cat mechs, one for each leg and arm and then one for the torso/head. (Some research on Netflix is recommended.) I think something like that would make a cool art concept. That or Captain Planet (with the rings). 😂 Great visual representations of a synergistic effect! Or maybe I watched too many cartoons in my youth. 🤓

So, It means we can design and post it over here?

@summitb  - This is just the coming soon post.  We will be posting more details on Monday, March 2nd.  

Stay tuned!


@heaher_italent Awesome! Waiting for that!


Should we be thinking of 5 T-Shirts designs on the same theme (one for each product) or only 1 T-Shirt design?

I ask because the picture in the news spinner shows several T-Shirts


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@mdevaney  - 1 design that encompasses all.    On Monday we will have all of the details and I will post here in this forum.