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Community Announcement | Introducing our latest dynamic duo: Community + Twitter!

Greetings PowerApps Community!


Today we are introducing a new feature - the ability to tweet from the PowerApps community directly!


To enable this feature, you need to do a few things first.


First, to link to your Twitter account:

  1. Go to My Settings > Social Connect > Twitter Settings.
    twitter link.png


  2. Click Link to my Twitter account. You are taken to a Twitter page where you can authorize access to your Twitter account from the community. If you are already logged in to your Twitter account, you'll see your account name.
  3. If you're not logged in, or if you want to link to another account, enter the user name or email and password associated with the account.
  4. Make sure that account is correct and click Authorize app Twitter Authorize.png


Note: You return to your My Settings page, where you'll see that your community profile is linked and your Twitter account is verified.


Now that you are connected you should see a button appear above blog posts, community discussions or idea suggestions. Once you click it a box will pop up asking you to customize your tweet, like below:


Tweet a post:


  1. Click Tweet Post in the top left next to Reply. 
    Tweet Button.PNG


  2.  Choose the account you're tweeting from. Edit the text of the tweet. 

  3. The outgoing tweet automatically includes the title of a post and a link to the post. Be sure not to change it. As you type, you can see the character count below the text box (on the left). Tweet text.PNG


    Click Tweet it! 
  4. You can view the tweet by clicking the link that appears in the feedback message at the top of the page.

And that’s it, you’re ready to start using Twitter from the community!


Some ideas on how to use this functionality –

  • When you write a community blog, also tweet the link out for added views!
  • When you post an idea, tweet the idea to collect added support!
  • When you post a hard question, or share a solution, Tweet it to share it out with your wider network!
  • Follow the PowerApps official twitter account. Mention them when sharing from the community! 

I hope you enjoyed this walkthrough of our newest integration. If you liked what you saw today, tweet this article at the top left! Be sure to connect with me on Twitter, or message me directly!


Looking forward to seeing all of your tweets! Smiley Happy