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Community Highlights | June 2020

Community Highlights - Power Apps for June 2020! 


Stay up to date with the latest community happenings, be sure to subscribe to News & Announcements! For more information about subscribing to community content, see our support articleSubscriptions and NotificationsWe are excited to be announcing our top five contributors for our Power Apps users and our Super Users. This achievement isn't easy, and those who make it here have usually set a goal to help as many community members as they can and are using their own free time to give back to this awesome community.


Top Contributor 2.png

June Top 2020.JPG

Top Contributing Power Apps Super Users: @mdevaney , @Drrickryp@Pstork1 @timl@iAm_ManCat @Jeff_Thorpe ,

Top Contributing Power Apps Users: @WarrenBelz@KrishnaV , @eka24@jlindstrom@OliverRodrigues@EricRegnier 


Congratulations to our Top Contributors!   @mdevaney comes out with flying colors with 84 solutions authored  and 196 kudos received, what a rockstar! @WarrenBelz is killing it with 186 solutions authored, and 239 Kudos received - very impressive!


Thank you to all of our Power Apps Users, you have make our community AMAZING!


Community Update:

On June 19th, we released multiple upgrades to the Power Apps Community that included new features and changes to the UI. For instance, you can now drag and drop files instead of having to browse for their location to upload them:


Gallery Update:

When posting in galleries you will now see that you can add a Thumbnail image and attachments.  If you are editing an older gallery post, you will need to add the thumbnail image before posting.

new gallery.JPG


What is A Super User? 

Just as the name suggests the Super Users are the superheroes of our community. They are especially active and helpful community members who respond with solutions to issues, create posts for our community blog, and share Data Stories. Besides providing a large volume of useful content and interactions, they are also recognized for the quality of their posts. In addition to being awarded a specific community badge, they are invited to special monthly Super User meetings with the Power Apps community leadership and product teams. They have access to private parts of our community and are given previews of future community and Power Apps features. Another perk is that Super Users are nominated for consideration to the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) title.


Visit here for How to become a Super User:



Demo Extravaganza 2020: and the winner is.......


drum roll.jpg


Congratulations! Deepak Shrivastava!

Kids Learning Power App



Thank you to all of entries in the Demo Extravaganza!



It’s great that we keep getting requests from community members who want to share their knowledge with the rest of the Power Apps Community in the form of a blog. Every month, we keep seeing great new blogs by both existing and new bloggers.  

Are you interested in blogging? Click here to send a message to our Community Admin


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As always, thank you for being part of the Power Apps Community!