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Congratulations to our Power Apps - Super Users 2020 Season 2

Congratulations to our Power Apps - Super Users 2020 Season 2

The Power Apps Community is proud to announce the Super Users for Season 2, this group makes up an exclusive group of community experts who are top contributors with outstanding participation. Super User Status is recognition for community contributions such as finding threads that have no reply and providing helpful answers, marking solutions, writing blog posts, posting data stories, giving kudos contributing content- you know, being an outstanding member.  For 2020 we currently have recognized 24 Super Users and for Season 2 we are recognizing an additional 8 superstars to join our Super Users family. Bringing our total to 30 Super Users for 2020.


Without further ado, please welcome our new members, who impressed us by always going that extra mile to qualify for the Super User program:


SuperUsers 2020.JPG


Welcome Super Users.png





Well done guys !! 🎉🎉

@WarrenBelz @eka24 @KrishnaV @jlindstrom @Anonymous @Anonymous @R3dKap @GarethPrisk 

WELCOME ABOARD!!!  Keep up the great work and community outreach - It really makes a difference!

Hi @heaher_italent ,


Thank you very much for the superuser badge. Congratulations to all my friends who got the same award.

@WarrenBelz @eka24 @KrishnaV @jlindstrom @Eelman @EricLott @R3dKap @GarethPrisk 





Congratulations to everyone

Congrats to all the new Super Users! Thank you for all of the work you do to help our community! 😺


This is very exciting, congratulations to everyone! Looking forward to helping the community even more.

Congratulations to my fellow new inductees

@eka24 @KrishnaV @jlindstrom @Eelman @EricLott @R3dKap @GarethPrisk 

I am looking forward to continuing to work with all the team.

I'm thankful for the superusers on this forum. Always providing timely and creative solutions to issues that confound us mere mortals.

Thank you very much all for this badge. Really appreciated. And congratulations to all the other folks that also got it!

I'll try to continue to participate and be active as much as possible...

See you all around!

Congratulations All new Super Users!

@WarrenBelz @eka24 @KrishnaV @jlindstrom @Anonymous @Anonymous @R3dKap @GarethPrisk 


all returning Super Users!!

@mdevaney @RandyHayes @PowerAddict @iAm_ManCat @wyotim @leyburn19  @ThatAPIGuy @Shanescows 


and all Dual Super Users!!!

@efialttes @Pstork1 @yashag2255 @RezaDorrani 

Hi every1.. nice to be here...

It's people like the SuperUsers who make this community such a great place to be in.


As a newb, I was completely blown away at the extent some of you go to help a person understand a solution.



Thank you all so very much!

Congratulations everyone!

We love you Super Users !!!


Thank you for making this crazy world livable!


I hope you realize how much each one of us has not thrown their laptops out of windows because of you.   On behalf of e-recyclers everywhere, "Thank you for not letting innocent computers die."


And thank you for being you.