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Connection not Configured for this service ? Error While Calling Instant Microsoft Flow ?

Implementation steps:


I have a PowerApps Application, in that While OnStart of the App am having an Instant Cloud Flow to check weather the User Exists in SharePoint Group or not and it will respond to PowerApps as true or false


If i Run this Application in Dev Environment am getting the flow triggered Successfully, when am moving from one Environment to another environment am gettingFlow name : Connection not Configured for this service 


In Dev I have System Administrator Role hence I didn't face any issues.

In UAT am having only Basic User Access


Let's see how we can fix the issue


1. Navigate to


2. Click Gear Icon at the Top then Click Advance Settings 





3. Click Settings --> Security --> Select Security Roles 





4. Open Basic User --> Select Customization Tab --> Search for Process


5. Change the Read Access from User to Organization





6. Now Click Save and Close 


That's it 🙂


Once after done this Refresh the Application, you won't get the Connection Issue Further 🙂



There are a couple issues going on here. I am guessing in Dev the solution is unmanaged meaning the user doesn't need any platform permissions to run the app/flow. In UAT I am guessing the solution is managed and the power platform wraps a layer of security to the solution requiring users to have  a security role in the power platform environment in order to run the flow. While modifying the Basic User role works, it isn't a best practice to modify a built in role. Try assigning the users the Flow-RP Role security role. This will give them the required permissions to run instant flows called within apps.