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Creating Apps from Scratch

Full disclosure, my developer days are behind me, well it is supposed to be. So going about delivering a solution to "clients" is a bit less structured but I have come to learn affective. The rationale is delivering an experience from the requirement to the publishing of the app which will make the user come back for more.  

Collaboration being the focus and as such I use Microsoft's whiteboard ( for my discovery sessions. the objective is to get to something like this (below) which completely confuse the heck out of everyone (luckily not). When you are part of the journey the picture tells a quite different story than when you are introduced to it at its final stages no matter how well structured, you may feel excluded, because you have been,


So that app from scratch,

First day session with the client. the client gets to put in their words what they want, and they can see themselves in that need - they are not being echoed.



So, it looks like the client wants a catalogue of some sort and you ask of course



Let's expand on that statement


(and remember it must look nice, very important).

These courses and document where are they currenly and they are in electronic format in a database already (i just like these type of client having everything in a database already). I share that I will call the data colCourses and colDocuments for my reference and the client understands it does not have to mean anything to them.


At this point you have an idea of what the client wants but what do they mean with "nice"? so, let's start that conversation.



Let's have some validation



At this point you have all the information to start the app. your user feels part of the development of their app.

You use the same canvas to build the design components


And the look at your pic/conversation/journey and head of to power apps




Open up that canvas, add the datasources, a combobox,  a few buttons, a textbox and a gallery

Start with a requirement (lets use courses)

dropdowns Item = colCourses




Before the user save the certification let them preview it, yip the gallery is good for that.

Add the name

Select the courses



Preview the data



Setup up follow up with the user and repeat.


Its a great way to keep the user part of the expereince and a journey from user to partner.