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Disable Auto Save for Individual Forms in Model Driven Apps

Implementation Steps:


In my Previous Blog I have explained how to enable or disable AUTO Save functionality in Model Driven Apps. In this Blog we will see how to Prevent Auto Save in Particular or Individual forms using JavaScript.


Steps to Follow:


1. Navigate to


2. Navigate to Solution and Open the Solution which you already have else Create a New Solution


3. Create or Add Existing Table where you want to Prevent Auto Save functionality.


4. Once Table is Added, Add your Existing Web Resource. Else Create a new Web Resource.


5. Steps to Follow to Create a Web Resource


6. Add below JavaScript into your Web Resource





function preventAutoSave(executionContext) {
    var formContext = executionContext.getFormContext();
    var eventArgs = executionContext.getEventArgs();
    if (eventArgs.getSaveMode() == 70) {





7. Please find the Event Modes that will perform on SAVE operation


Event Mode Value
 Save 1
 Save And Close 2
 Save and New 59
 Save as Completed 58
 AutoSave 70


8. Now Open the Table where you want to add Web Resource --> Click Forms --> Open the Form


9. Once Form Opens Click Form Library and Click Add Library and Search for the Library and Select the Check Box and Click Add




10. Once Added --> Click Events at the RIGHT Side --> Select OnSave --> Click ADD EVENT HANDLER --> Input Function name as preventAutoSave --> Make Sure You Select Check Box - Pass Execution Context


11. Now Click Ok --> Click Save and Click Publish.


That's it 🙂


Have you noticed that this code also turns off the "Do you want to save your changes" dialog that pops up when you leave the form without pressing "Save" or "Save and Close".  It just automatically autosaves, which is very odd since what caused this is turning OFF autosave.

Are you sure the JavaScript is accurate?  I've added this to the OnSave Event of the form, saved/published, but it has had no effect on the Autosave functionality.

I think when I wrote that post, I was misunderstanding what the default behavior was and in the end, what I wrote is wrong.  Please disregard.