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Error Handling in Canvas PowerApps with DataVerse Environment using If Error

Implementation Steps:


Consider a Scenario, we are having 2 tables one is with Account and another with Opportunity


How to Implement Restrict in Dataverse Environment. :


While Deleting Account if any Opportunity Contains Data then we need to Restrict in PowerApps.


This Restriction will work Perfectly in Dataverse 



In PowerApps Canvas if you tried to delete the system won't throw Error, lets see how to handle that


Open Canvas App then Click File then settings 


Click Upcoming Features and Toggle On --> Formula-level Error Management





Now Write below code in Delete Button





IfError(Remove([@Accounts], BrowseGallery1.Selected),Notify("Record Contains Child Record"),Notify("Deletion Success"))





Thats it 🙂 This will throw error if any error occurs