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Generate Word Document Template Using Power Automate

In this Blog am explaining how to Generate Word Template using Power Automate with Back End as SharePoint.

And am Covering how to add Repeating Controller and Plain Text Content Controller in Word Document.


Implementation Steps:


1. Navigate to your SharePoint Site and Create SharePoint List

2. In my case i have created 2 SharePoint List One is Employee and another Student



3. Add Records to Employee List and Student List



4. Now Open Microsoft Word Document 


5. Once Microsoft Word Opened Click on Developer in Ribbon Tool Bar 




6. If the Developer is not available then Click File --> Select Options --> Click Customize Ribbon and Select Developer --> and Click OK




7. Once Done Click Insert and Select Table





8. Now Input the Name in the First Column




9. Now Select the ID  then Click On Developer Ribbon Tab at the TOP then Select Add Plain Text Content Controller




10. Now Once Done Select the ID Column then Click Properties





11. After Clicking Properties it will Open Popup Enter Title and Tag





12. Once done, do the same for other Column as Well





13. Once Done, Now we are ready to Add Repeating Content Controller For the Table so that it will display All the Values from the List





14. Now Click On Properties and Provide the Tag and Title For Relating Table





15. The Same Way Create a New Table For Student and Add the ID and Title 




16. Now am Adding a Single Line of Text  Value as Well--> Simply add a Single Line of Text




17. Once Done Save the File in Your SharePoint Site




Once after Record Gets Created navigate to


18 . Click Apps --> Select New Flow --> Select Instant Cloud Flow and Input the Name as (Generate Word Template Using Power Automate) and Click Create.




19. Now Click Add Step and Select SharePoint and Search for Get Items and Add the SharePoint Site and Select List Name




20. Now Add Get Items Again and Get the Student List





21.Once Done Click Add Step and Search For SELECT





22. Now Select the Respective Values then Please make sure the EMPID and EMPTITLE As like as Properties which we have created in Point 11


23. Now Select Add Steps --> Search for Word then Select POPULATE A MICROSOFT WORD TEMPALTE then Select the Locations





24. Now for Populating REPEATING TABLE click the HIGHLIGHED BUTTON and Select the OUTPUT Values form Point 21.


25. Now Add Some Custom Values in Single Line of Text.


26. Now Send an Email 




That's it 🙂


Now are are good to start the Process





Now the Flow Created Successfully. Now am Opening My Email and Downloading the file





Open the Downloaded File 




That's it 🙂


I have mentioned Step by Step behaviors for How to Generate Word Document Template Using Power Automate 🙂


Awesome, thanks for this tutorial @rampprakash kind regards 👋

Thanks for this, @rampprakash . 


I don't get the population of the table right, though. In fact, the table doesn't get included at all in the Word document. Sp for Step 14: how to set the properties of the table? Or could there be any other step I have missed...?


Hi again. I found this page Word Online (Business) - Connectors | Microsoft Learn that helped me solve the above problem. Cheers! 🙂

Thanks @rampprakash - I'm doing something very similar and this has been useful.  An additional step I really need to add it to automatically save the Word file that's created to a SharePoint library, using the Flow.  I'm sure it's simple, but I can't find out how - any ideas please?

Hi @OzOscroft. You can use a Create a file action (SharePoint connector) after the Populate a Microsoft Word template action. The Body output of the Populate action can be used in the File Content field there, and then you can give it whatever name you want for the file. Make sure to add the file extension at the end.