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Get Files from File Column in Data Verse using Power Automate


 Create a SharePoint Site and a document folder to place the documents.


  • Login to
  • Create a table in Data Verse ‘ProfileDetails’
  • Add a Column(‘ProfileDoc’) of Data type ‘File’


Create few sample records.




  • The record got created successfully and the attachment is seen on the file column.
  • Now let’s create a Power Automate flow that will be triggered on create/update of the entity ProfileDetails.
  • Navigate to Solutions-> Create new Solution->Add New->Cloud Flow
  • Follow the below steps,
  • DeviKrishna_3-1650381688454.png


  • Click on Save and Test.
  • Open the Run History of Flow. Click on the latest record and open it.


  • Navigate to Get a Row by ID step ->Outputs.
  • Copy the body completely.


  • Add a new step below Get a Row by ID to Parse JSON,
  • Click on Generate from Sample. Copy the body from above step and click on done.
  • Pass the body(‘Get_a_Row_by_ID’) to content



  • Add the next step as Microsoft Dataverse trigger , ‘Download a file or an image’
  • Pass the Entity name that has the file column as Table Name.
  • Pass the Row ID that we received from previous step.
  • Choose the column name (File Column).


  • Add the next step as SharePoint trigger – Create File.
  • Pass the Site Address and folder path.
  • Search for the FileName from Dynamic Content parse JSON step.


  • Pass the body(‘Download_a_file_or_an_image’) to the file content.
  • Now save the flow.
  • Create a record to ProfileDetails table. Upload attachment to file column.
  • The flow gets triggered and creates the document in SharePoint.
  • DeviKrishna_10-1650381887021.png

    Flow Complete steps:

  • DeviKrishna_11-1650381903712.png


    The flow to get Files from File Column in Data Verse using Power Automate is successfully created.