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Get OptionSet Text and Value Using Microsoft Flow

Implementation Steps:


1. Navigate to


2. Click My Flows --> Click New Flows 


3. For this Demo we are using Instant Cloud Flows





4. Enter the Name and Select PowerApps and Click Create


5. Now Navigate to CRM and get an Account to Proceed further



From the Above Screenshot select the Account id and Have a look on the Industry Drop Down As well


6. Now Navigate to Microsoft Flow and Select Get a Row By id then Select the Entity and paste the Account id Copied from Point 5.




7. Now Initialize the Variable to get the Value of Industry




8. Now Save the Application Click Test and Run Test



9. Once you Ran the Application, you can see Number as Output, let's see how we can get the text from the Option Set Values


10. Expand the Get Rows and you will see ODATA File over there Search for Industry in the Body




11. Copy the Formatted Value like below


12. Now Frame the Query like below
13. Create another Variable and paste the Expression from #12
Now Try Running the App and Check the Variable


Now you can see the Text from Option Set Values


That's it 🙂