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Get Tweet User details from Twitter using Power Automate

To start with,

  • Navigate to Flows and create an automated cloud flow.
  • Let us use the trigger When a Tweet is posted.
  • Click on Add Connection and set the Twitter Account details which needs to tracked.
  • In the Search Text, enter the search terms – #Searchtext or “search text” or from: @username.
  • Power Automate will only trigger when the search criteria is met.



Initialize an array variable to get the User Details Array information from the Tweet.



  • Call the trigger – Get User
  • Insert user name parameter from previous step ( ‘when a new tweet is posted’)
  • DeviKrishna_8-1647575787798.png


  • Now pass information to user details array we initialized. For this we will use the action – Append to Array,



  • Test the results by passing it to a html table,
  • Lets use the create html table action and pass the array we set in the previous step with user details.
  • You can either choose the columns to be ‘Automatic’ or give custom values,



If custom value is chosen , each column name need to be created and value needs to be assigned as below,


In our case to get full name – @{variables(‘userdetailsarray’)?[0]?[‘FullName’]}

  • DeviKrishna_5-1647575655127.png


  • Save the Flow. Now create a Tweet from associated Twitter account with the search input matching the search term specified in flow.
  • The UserDetails Array holds the following information,
  • DeviKrishna_4-1647575598828.png


  • The html table would appear like below,
  • DeviKrishna_3-1647575538678.png


  • Please Note : Incase location is coming as blank – make sure in Twitter User profile the location and location settings are set properly,
  •  DeviKrishna_2-1647575501688.png


  • DeviKrishna_1-1647575474960.png


  • Complete steps for flow is as below,
  • DeviKrishna_0-1647575442521.png