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Get Year Difference between 2 Days using Microsoft Flow

Implementation Steps:


Consider I want to count how many years of experience an Employee have (for Eg) 3 Year experience

So here in my scenario I want to Calculate Today's Year - Employee Joining Year


As Starting get the Current Year in a Variable













The Next step get the Current Year from the Current Date- for that use Substring




substring(variables('Get Current Date'),0,4)





The same way based on your Dataverse or SharePoint List get the Joining Date of Employee




As per Above Image, get the State Date and store it in Variable then As said before use subString to get the Year of Joining Date




substring(variables('Get Anniversery Date'),0,4)




Now Convert the Variable to int and use sub to get the Count between 2 dates





sub(int(variables('Get Current Year')),int(variables('Get Anniversery Year')))



That's it 🙂