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Horizontal Scroll in Vertical Gallery

There may be a requirement of showing more columns (horizontally) like table in a vertical gallery, by default vertical gallery will not offer horizontal scroll to show more details.


But there is a workaround to achieve this. Refer below for the steps:

  1. Create a horizontal container and fit it in screen. Example: Width = 500
     Set following properties: (hiding vertical scroll here as vertical gallery displays one)

  2. Create a vertical gallery inside horizontal container with the width you are looking for. Example: 1000
    Set following properties:
  3. Use normal container for headers in case vertical gallery to be shown like a table.
    Set following properties:

Tree View:



After making above changes, horizontal container shows horizontal scroll which will look like in-built horizontal scroll in vertical gallery.




Make sure to have same width for header and gallery elements to properly aligned like a table.


Very helpful, thanks!

Thanks for sharing. This is really simple way to achieve the need.



i am trying to make a horizontal gallery scroll vertically. i have tried the reverse of your solution but i don't get the output i require. can you help?


Thanks for reaching out us.

You can achieve Vertical Scroll in Horizontal Gallery in exactly the reverse way mentioned in the post. If not working, check the below approach:

  1. Make sure you add Horizontal Gallery inside Vertical Container
  2. Config for Vertical Container
  3. Config for Horizontal Gallery

Here is the output: you can see the scrollbar 



I've tried this technique with some success. Let me state, I'm very grateful for this tip. I'm trying to replicate a right horizontally scrollable financial report currently in Excel.


The problem I've run into is that the gallery can be extended infinitely to the right in theory, but appears to have a hard stop at around 1300 pix.




My parent container is screen width, and the gallery (Financials) is 10,000 pix, but as you can see from the alternately colored rows, it doesn't extend the full length.


Even odder, I can add controls (e.g. label, icon) to the gallery and move that control past that point, just not the gallery itself. I could use this to recreate the Excel sheet by making each control's (I need about 24) fill transparent, padding the left of each control to get the data lined up exactly rith, and just stacking one control atop another, but... that's crazy.

Any ideas on how to solve this one or why the gallery is the width I want, but visually, the template width hits a limit (tied to the page?)?


Thanks in advance for your brain powers trying to help!

Thank you so much. I've achieved the result based on your simple tutorial. Appreciate your effort. I can sleep very good tonight.