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How To Add Emoji’s To Your Power Apps!

In canvas apps, emoji’s are text-based. This means you need to interact with text-based inputs in controls to leverage them. This could be things like the text property of a Text Label control or the default property of a Text Input control.

I’ve added a label control to my Power App. To access the emoji’s, I’ll need to have the Text property selected:cdwhite_9-1697129439346.png


Remove the existing text. With your cursor in the fx bar for the Text property, on your keyboard, hold down the Windows key and press the period/full stop key (in some regions, this might be the Windows key and the semi-colon):cdwhite_10-1697129499996.png

You’ll then see the following box appear, where you can search for and add emoji’s and other symbols:cdwhite_11-1697129529128.png

These are text-based entries so you’ll need to wrap whatever emoji’s within double quotes. Without them, you’ll get a red squiggly line to indicate an error:

This goes away with double quotes either side, as with any text based entry in Power Apps:cdwhite_13-1697129583981.png

A few examples

Here’s a couple of quick examples.

The Hint Text property on Text Input controls is great for things like a Search emoji:cdwhite_14-1697129625736.png

The Text property for buttons also work, such as this Floppy Disc emoji:

We can make use of emoji’s to liven up menu's:

You can also inject some personality into drop downs, combo boxes, radio controls and list boxes:

    "🧠 Brain",
    "🫀 Heart",
    "🫁 Lungs",
    "🦄 Unicorns"

Please note: emoji's can render differently depending on the device used. Please keep that in mind when adding to your Apps.