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How to Enable Copilot for end users in canvas apps

Implementation Steps:


1. Navigate to


2. Select the Respective Environment where you want to Enable COPILOT


3. Open the Environment




4. Click Settings on TOP --> Select Product --> Select Feature





5. You will see an Option Called COPILOT Enable the Option




6. Click Save


7. Now go to


8. Click Apps at the Left Side


9. Select New and Select Blank Canvas APP


10. Once the App Opened --> Click Settings from the top and Click Upcoming Features and Turn On COPILOT COMPONENTS





11. Once Done Click INSERT and You will See the COPILOT OPTION ENABLED








Current its based on the REGION Specific







Just wanting to clarify re co-pilot and licensing. As an organisation with well short of the required minimum purchase of 300 seats, is there no possibility of being able to use co-pilot in any way? Even in the sense of evaluating functionality to demonstrate value to customers.

@samg PowerApps copilot is separate to the Microsoft Copilot where the 300 seat rule applied. That has actually now been lifted anyway, but PowerApps Copilot can be utilised without the Microsoft Copilot. That said, I’m a little unclear on how it’s licensed, I assume with AI Builder credits.