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How to Implement Multiselect aka Multi check box selection in PowerApps Portal

Hi Folks, 


Scenario: If you are not a C# / JavaScript developer and want to implement Multi Select check box in PowerApps Portal. Then this article will help you. 


In Dataverse: 


1. Choose your Table > Add fields > Add Column > "Two-Option field sets". Leave the default value as it is ( Yes/ No) 

2. In the Tables choose forms > Pick your form > Add a section ( preferably with column 3 or Column 4) 

3. Add all your "Two-option field sets" in to your section.  


Entity Form / Web Form Steps: 


1. Go to portal management > Entity Forms 

2. Click on the form you want to build multiselect ( For Ex: Contact) 

3. Related > Entity Form Meta data > New Entity Form meta data 

4. Under General > Type > Select "Attribute" 

5. Under the Attribute logical name > Choose your "Two-option field set" you have added . Example in the screen shot below 




6. Under Style control > Choose "Multiple choice" and under Group name " Type your Section name" . Example in the screen shot



Repeat it for all your "Two-options" set . And the output you will get it like below. 





Hope this is useful 

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Where can we locate the "Two-Option field sets" option in the updated dataverse UI?

Hi @PowerOutage 


Yes / no is the two options field set. 


PS: Power Pages now support multi choice checkbox directly.