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How to capture Bar Codes from multiple objects without clicking on Scan button multiple times

In the Power Apps community, I have answered multiple questions on barcode control. Here is one of the common use case asked by many users.


Use Case: How to use Barcode control to scan multiple bar codes without clicking on Scan button after every scan.


This will blog talks about a very simple trick which will help you.


In the Power Apps, under Media controls, you can find Barcode scanner control 


Note: Barcode scanner control only works from your mobile or tablet devices but not from browser.


From Power App Studio, add the Barcode scanner control from Media section on to the screen.


On the screen, you will see Scan button on the screen as shown below:



After scanning an item's bar code, the screen will be redirected from camera view to normal screen with Scan button. To avoid this, use below formula:



Now, place a Gallery on the screen and set its Items property with the collection colBarcodes. 


Also, you can use this collection and save it SharePoint list or lookup into SP to get additional details of the item.


Output from Mobile device:

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-14 at 4.44.04 PM.jpeg



Krishna Rachakonda