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How to find Difference between two dates with calculated fields in Model Driven Apps

Implementation Steps:


1. Navigate to


2. Click Solutions (if Already Available) else create a new Solution and add New Table or Existing Table


3. Create a new Field inside that Table (Start Date)




4. Create another field called End Date 




5. Save the Table


6. Create a Whole Number Field as Calculated




7. Click Calculation --> It will save the table and open a Separate Tab.


8. Once the Page Opens add following Condition

  •    Start Date Contains Data
  •    End Date Contains Data

9. Add DiffInDays (It is used to find difference between two dates)


10. Write below Query in the Action Field


DiffInDays(cr2f9_startdate, cr2f9_enddate)




11. Now add 

  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Difference in Date 

Fields into the Form.


12. Open a new Record and Input Date and Click Save


Positive Number : (End Date is Future)





Negative Number : (End Date is Past)





That's it 🙂