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How to get SubGird Record Count with Webresource in Dynamics CRM

Implementation Steps:


1. Navigate to


2. Create or Open any Existing Solution


3. Open the Table/Entity where you want to get count of SubGrid in my case am taking Account Table




4. As per the ScreenShot there is 4 Records available so i need to show as a popup with Count as 4


5. So First Step i will take the Sub Grid Name


6. Open the Form where your SubGrid Exists 





7. Based on the Above ScreenShot the Name of the SubGrid is Contacts


8. Now Lets Start Writing the JavaScript


9. Open Your Visual Studio or VS Code and Write the Below Function


function getsubgridcount(executionContext) {
    setTimeout(function () {
        var formContext = executionContext.getFormContext();
        if (formContext !== null && formContext != "undefined") {
            var accountgridname = "Contacts";
            var count = formContext.getControl(accountgridname).getGrid().getTotalRecordCount();
    }, 15000);


10. Now Create a JavaScript (Web Resource) in CRM 




11. Click Save and Publish


12. Now Open the Same Account Form and Add the JavaScript Library in the Form




13. Now Add Function in the OnLoad Operation




14. Once Done Click Save and Publish


15. Now Open the Account Table and Open a Record you will see the alert message over there 🙂





That's it 🙂