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How to save an image in x64

I was talking to a friend and he asked me how I saved the photos in Power Apps. Plus, I have seen a lot of people asking how to save an image in Power Apps without using Power Autmate or using the Attachment field on SharePoint.
And I replied that I saved it as an attachment or as an x64.
In this post I will explain how I save an image as x64.


Just follow these steps:
1. Insert a Camera Control and set the StreamRate to 50 or 100;
2. Add an icon (can also be the Camera Control) and write to OnSelect: Set(varPhoto; Camera1.Stream)
3. Add an Image and set the image as the variable we created (varPhoto)

And it's as simple as that 😄




I hope you like my post, this is my first one on the community!

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