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Implementing new fluid controls in Power Apps

Business Requirement:

Business is not ready to spend multiple clicks to select a date while submitting the forms.


Implementaion / Solution:

Most of you know that Microsoft released new fluid/modern controls in Dataverse for teams. My favorite/important control is Date picker control. When you see the difference between classic and modern control is, in classic control I need to select the date and click ok to apply the date whereas in Modern control I don't have to click on OK.

First thing first how we can add the controls in Power Apps. There are 2 ways to do that:

1. Create a Power Apps in Dataverse for teams and copy the controls you want and paste in regular Power APP maker app

2. Create a component library and enable modern control under settings. Add the controls in the component library copy and paste them into your regular app.


let us walk through each approach:

1. Copy the modern controls from Dataverse for Teams to classic Power APP:

Follow the below steps to achieve the needs in this approach.

2. Create a component library and copy it from the component library to classic power apps

Hope this helps!!

Happy learning in Power Apps.