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Kitty Video App - Demo of Video Control Usage with YouTube

I made this little PowerApp today just to demo the way you can use the Video Control with YouTube Videos. Let me know if you'd like to dive deeper into this one. 


Prep: I created an Excel spreadsheet with three columns. My goal was to test the functionality with each column. 



















Here are the columns I used:


1. Title (I didn't really want to match the titles to what YouTube had though, but you could of course.)

2. Embed HTML (The Embed iFrame code that YouTube gives you to embed video on a page - which didn't work well with video control, so I didn't use it.)

3. Link (The link that YouTube gives you when you click on "Share". This worked best in the format of this app.)


I was also careful to format the table range in Excel as a "Table", so it would show up properly in PowerApps. (See more on that here).


I imported the Excel data and then created two objects on my screen:

A Video Control that I named VideoPlayer (Insert>Media>Video)

A Gallery Control that I named MovieGallery (Insert>Gallery>Text Vertical)


I formatted my gallery to have the three columns in my newly embedded data from excel.


For the VideoPlayer Control I set the media property to:



For the Video Control I set the Items property to:



Finally, I made a little play button (image I imported) and added that to the gallery just so you could click on it to play a movie.


And that's it! It worked!


Let me know if you have questions. I was unable to save the PowerApp as an attachment here, but if you private message me with your email, I'll send it out to you!


Enjoy your PowerApp experience!