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Leverage the ChatGPT feature in your process automation: Automate Candidate screening using AI

Introduction -  

Microsoft has unveiled its latest innovation within the AI Builder ecosystem: the ChatGPT model. This cutting-edge addition opens up a world of possibilities for businesses seeking to enhance customer interactions, streamline internal communication, and revolutionize their service offerings.  

Many businesses are adopting ChatGPT to fulfill their business requirements. Just imagine the convenience of automating ChatGPT tasks so you don't have to manually open it to compose emails. With Power Automate, all this can be automated. Whether it's responding to customer emails, selecting candidates, or identifying errors in your work, you can automate everything and utilize ChatGPT to enhance the quality of your work processes. 

With the ChatGPT model, organizations now have the ability to create custom responses tailored to their unique business needs, leveraging the power of conversational AI to deliver personalized and engaging experiences like never before.  


In this article, I'll develop a model that assesses candidates based on their skills and experience to determine their suitability for a job opening. I'll showcase how this model can be utilized in my upcoming blog, where I'll demonstrate the automation of candidate resume processing and email notifications to managers regarding candidate suitability for job openings. 


Step 1: Select ChatGPT AI builder model  

Go to AI builder (incase you do not know AI builder refer my old blog on AI builder) and select a base model “Create text with GPT using a prompt”, there you can also find a prebuild model “Respond to a complaint”, that is also based on ChatGPT prompt model.  





Step 2 – Create New Model -  

When you open the popup, you will notice a button at the bottom labeled "Create Custom Prompt." Clicking on this button unlocks the potential to craft your own personalized prompt. This feature enables you to seamlessly integrate dynamic values from your business processes into your responses. With the ability to inject your unique business information, you can create custom responses tailored to your specific needs, mirroring the functionality of prebuilt models such as "Respond to a complaint." 




Step 3 – Compose Prompt -  

On next window you will get a blank text box and a button “Add Dynamics Value” to create a prompt along with dynamics value which you can replace with your organization data in process automation using Power Automate.  





For instance, let's consider a scenario where I've developed a custom prompt model called "AI Resume Screening." This model is designed to accept inputs such as candidate name, skills, and experience. Leveraging the capabilities of ChatGPT prompts, the model evaluates whether the candidate is suitable for a job opening or not based on the provided information. With this custom prompt, businesses can streamline their recruitment process and make informed decisions about candidate selection more efficiently. 





Added dynamics values name, skills, experience.  




These values can be replaced with actual ones in process. Here is prompt -  


“Previous instruction should be ignored. Write in English language for response. Do not explain what you are doing. Do not self-reference. You are hiring manager for role given in details. Role responsibility is also given below and candidate details as well please check candidate information and suggest this candidate is suitable for given job or not. First start with it is suitable or not suitable. Then write note, why it is not suitable or suitable. For this role.  

Job requirement is below -  

Knowledge Required: Business Strategy, Market Analysis, Financial Planning  

Skill Required: Leadership, Decision-making, Negotiation  

Attitude Required: Proactive, Visionary, Responsible  

Responsibility: Overseeing company operations, Strategic planning, Building relationships 

Job Description: Lead the company towards its mission and vision, Ensure financial performance and growth. 

Experience Of years: 5  


Candidate details are here -  





In my other blog you will see how to grab these values from resume and replace this value for candidate assessment.  



In conclusion, the integration of ChatGPT within AI Builder offers businesses a transformative approach to communication. From dynamic responses tailored to customer inquiries to facilitating seamless interactions among team members, ChatGPT enables organizations to enhance their communication strategies and foster stronger connections across various touchpoints. 


Additionally, the implementation of the resume process model showcased the potential for AI automation in candidate assessment and recruitment workflows. By leveraging AI capabilities, organizations can streamline processes, improve efficiency, and make data-driven decisions to identify the most suitable candidates for job openings.