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Material Dark Theme for Canvas Apps

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After lurking for a long time on the poweruser's community blog I was inspired to comment in a conversation regarding the development of best practices with styling in Power Apps: Creating a dynamic color scheme system with optional user personalization by @wyotim .  I really liked his vision of a world where we work together to develop a standard to move out on as a community with when styling our Power Apps.  I'm also a sucker for anything regarding Material Design.  So, I designed a Power App in a similar vein that shows how people could approach building with a Dark Theme using concepts borrowed both from Material Design and how Microsoft Teams Dark Mode presents itself.  What I'm presenting here is very much a v1 implementation that I put together in a night's work and would welcome any recommendations on ways to improve and genericize into something that can be consumed by the community.  One thing I have top of mind is to leverage components in my solution, for example.  I've attached the Canvas App if you want to dive right in, here's the github repo to it unpackaged (thanks Daryl Labar let me know your handle and I'll add you) if you'd like to collaborate with me on the improvement of this solution open source: