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PowerApps Splash Screen

This blog shows how you can build your own PowerApps splash screen. This screen has a professional look to it and can be created using a combination of Timer Control and variables.
In this scenario I have two labels that animal along their X axis. The same can be done along their Y axis as well.
Four Global Variables are used as shown below. These variables are set at the Screen's OnStart. Notice the Delay variable is by default set to true.
Timer Controls
In this scenario I have four timer controls.

Timer Control 1 called 'delay' is used to cause a delay when the screen opens. Here are some key settings for this timer control

Timer Control 2 called 'PoweredStartTimer' runs after Timer Control 1 and is used to hover the 'Powered' label from center to the left.
Timer Control 3 called 'ByPowerAppsStartTimer' runs after Timer Control 2 and is used to hover the 'by PowerApps' label from left (hidden behind the Powered label) to the right.
Finally Timer Control 4 called 'PostDelay' runs after Timer Control 3 and is used as a delay to go to the next screen.
Here are the formulas used for the animation.
For the 'Powered' label. You can change the 100 value to whatever matches your requirement.
For the 'By PowerApps' label. You can change the 325 value to whatever matches your requirement.
Attached is a copy of the PowerApp which you can use to test and modify to suite your requirement. This attachment will have to be unzipped first.
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