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PowerApps Spring Update Blog Bundle

This week, the PowerApps Blog published several key announcements on bringing the Common Data Service and PowerApps together. From the PowerApps Spring 2018 Update to features in the Common Data Service for Apps, there are several posts you won't want to miss! Fun fact: the authors are here on the PowerApps Community! Smiley Happy


Now, let's check out this week's blog announcements for PowerApps. Huge shout out to our PowerApps Staff (@mentioned) below.


PowerApps Spring Update | By Frank Weigel, @Frank

Today, we’re excited to announce our next big step forward: we’re bringing PowerApps together with the platform that powers Dynamics 365. 


New features in the Common Data Service for Apps! (Spring Update) | By Clay Wesener@CWesener

The PowerApps team is extremely excited to announce a major update to the Common Data Service for Apps. including server side logic, improved app building experiences and developer capabilities!



Create a database with the latest version of the Common Data Service | By Manas Maheshwari @ManasMSFT

Create database with the latest version of the Common Data Service to leverage all the new exciting functionalities available with the update.



A more powerful data platform for your canvas apps: introducing business rules in CDS | By Evan Chaki, @EvanChakiMSFT  

When you create a canvas app in PowerApps, you can now use server-side business logic from the Common Data Service.



Introducing model-driven apps – a new way to create | By Adrian Orth@aorth

The PowerApps team is happy to announce the preview of the Model-Driven Apps within PowerApps. PowerApps is the platform on which Dynamics 365 apps are natively built. Model-driven apps provides a no-code or low-code component approach to app development.



PowerApps Studio for the Web is Generally Available for Production Use | By Evan Chaki, @EvanChakiMSFT  

We are pleased to announce that starting today PowerApps Studio for web is generally available for production use. The web studio is the premiere authoring experience for creating PowerApps and is the recommend way to build your apps.



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