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PowerApps Training App - new way to learn #2

Welcome to chapter #2 of this series. If you don't know yet what PATApp is, make sure you check the first part. It is highly recommended that you complete chapters in sequence.


Each exercise includes a briefing, a task for you to complete, and - in the gray sandbox area to the right - some pre-built controls that you have to improve. As soon as you finish your task, the "Next" button will automatically appear to take you to the subsequent challenge. A full chapter takes approximately 45-60 minutes to complete.


In this part of the series, you will learn how to:

- connect to data sources,

- show your data in scrollable galleries,

- highlight the record selected by user,

- fill drop downs with your data,

- sort, search & filter,

- and more!


PATApp Chapter 2 ‎- PowerApps.png


To start learning, download and open the chapter 2 file in PowerApps. You can use comments area in this blog post to show your picture from exercise 10!


Download chapter 2 here