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PowerApps Training App - new way to learn #2

Welcome to chapter #2 of this series. If you don't know yet what PATApp is, make sure you check the first part. It is highly recommended that you complete chapters in sequence.


Each exercise includes a briefing, a task for you to complete, and - in the gray sandbox area to the right - some pre-built controls that you have to improve. As soon as you finish your task, the "Next" button will automatically appear to take you to the subsequent challenge. A full chapter takes approximately 45-60 minutes to complete.


In this part of the series, you will learn how to:

- connect to data sources,

- show your data in scrollable galleries,

- highlight the record selected by user,

- fill drop downs with your data,

- sort, search & filter,

- and more!


PATApp Chapter 2 ‎- PowerApps.png


To start learning, download and open the chapter 2 file in PowerApps. You can use comments area in this blog post to show your picture from exercise 10!


Download chapter 2 here


Thank you for another great post and app.

michal, I'm looking for one simple thing - the ability to change the value of one control based on a change in another.  I've searched the dev site, and the forums, no one with a clear answer, and I'm just stunned, no way this basic need doesn't exist, not really an app dev tool without it.  Does no simple command exist that can be used in an OnChange event to do this?

@JerryCoteit's much easier than you think, fortunately.


Check PATApp #1 exercise 3 -- Or go through entire part #1 to practice all possible approaches (namely: linking controls to each other, variables, adjusting values with buttons, using rules).

That was quick!  But I was quicker Smiley Happy sometimes I ask then find an answer ten minutes.  but I only found the one way with variables, thank you for the many!  Can that app be loaded into the tenant?  My windows 10 entire TwinUI apapratus is blown up and I can't get the windows app (or even get a mailto link to trigger a blank email in Outlook Man Sad)

Yes, you can load PATApp into your tenant - it's actually the task in PATApp #1 screen 9 🙂

When using PowerApps, can you create an app that is a form that can then be saved as a pdf and/or printed? Probably a dumb question, but I'm not seeing any information on how the forms look after they are completed. Is the app simply to collect data and input that data into a spreadsheet or can it be used to create fillable forms? Thanks for any help!

@cdauchPowerApps provide the user interface, and that could be forms-like data entry with a feature to save into Excel file. Exporting your data from Excel into a PDF and/or printing is something you need to handle outside of PowerApps.

It seems that the editform component in powerapps is "rejecting" every data connection that I create, while other objects such as the gallery are playing well together.


It seems that when I try to link my data to an editform, it acts as if it's ignoring it. I have no idea what's the cause but another sympton is that i can't create or modify any entities either. 


So bottom line, i seem to be unable to create my own data entities or tables to use with the editform object.

@v-sttaubedit form requires a "real", writeable data source. It will not accept a static Excel spreadsheet uploaded to your app, as such files are read only. To have a read-write Excel file, place it on OneDrive and add to your app via OneDrive connector.


Thanks for the response.  I think I've been doing that but I have a feeling I've missed something.


I included a word doc with a couple of screen prints, that show what I've been doing to try to do what I described.  I have a onedrive path (C:\Users\v-sttaub\OneDrive - Microsoft\excel), and it looks like when I created the initial copy
of the service tracker, it set up the entities for me.  



powerapps-onedrive.jpgBut when i go to those files on onedrive and make a change to the data, it doesn't seem to show up in my data in my app.  So I'm wondering if I'm looking in the wrong place for the data.


what do you think?


The powerapps created entities are created and saved in an excel file called data. xlsx, but i can't locate the actual drive where the data is stored.  From the 3rd image to the left, I went into those drives, found the data.xlsx, changed a couple of them to see if the data would be reflected in powerapps an despite refreshing the screen, nothing changed.



With all respect, this question has little to do with the training I posted above.


My first guess is that your app has cached the Excel file contents. Try refreshing the data source (View | Data sources | your file | right click on ... and pick Refresh.

Thanks for your response. I haven't gotten any responses from the community so i was reaching out to others.  I appreciate the effort, and I'll end this thread.

I'm going through the training now and have come to Step #6 in the 2nd training set. I cannot find the download option for the Accounts.xlsx the app calls for.

I tried creating my own Accounts.xlsx and linked it successfully, but cannot pass through step #7 successfully because my .xlsx does not have same entities as the training version.


Where can I download a copy of the Accounts.xlsx so I can complete this training?

Luckily there's no need to - as there's a much better version built into the PowerApps product. This new version does not have the step of xlsx files, as this is taken care of automatically.


Check PowerApps -> Home -> All templates -> PowerApps Training.


Do not mistake the app with PowerApps Training for Office - that's a different app.

Multi Super User

The Import option under Apps asks for a .zip file but the file on the first post of this page has a .msapp file.

How to import this file into PowerApps?