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Tooltips, not just a boring description

What comes to mind when you think of a Tooltip?  A brief instruction or a quick bit of information about the hovered over item, maybe?


I want to show you how you can take your Tooltip to the next level.


You can use a Tooltip to display information other than static text that is manually entered into the Tooltip property.

Consider a calendar.   Calendars can be used to display events, holidays or even meetings.   Here is a graphical holiday calendar showing company holidays in Canada. 




The yellow indicates holidays that are in a single location and the red are holidays that are shared between multiple locations.   We could list them all separately in a list, but that could get quite long and confusing to read.   What is done instead is a list grouped by Holiday Name (some holidays celebrated on the same date may have different names depending on where you are) and the Tooltip that shows the location each holiday is associated with.


What you can do, however, is use your Tooltip to bridge that gap and display what you want without having to open an item or create a ‘popup’ to display it.   This allows the users of your app to simply hover over the date and see the necessary information.


                              tooltip2.jpg                       tooltip3.jpg                                                        tooltip4.jpg


To create the Tooltip that you see above, results from a filter and a lookup are concatenated to provide the name of the Holiday on that date and the areas it is associated with.  Since the Tooltip is a simple text field, we can use Char(10) to add a line break so the information will display on it's own line.




You can also simplify and only display the locations and not the holiday names.




Using the Tooltip in this manner gives you a versatile replacement for a ‘popup’ that involves far less overhead in the way of controls, formulas, variables etc.