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Updated Super Users 2020 | Season 2 - Bios & Pics

Super Users are recognized for their time, dedication and contribution to the community.  Read on to learn a bit more about them from the bios they provided and be sure to give them a thumbs up when they help you in the community!


New Super User: WarrenBelz


Warren is a Systems Developer at Ventia, a major Australian Power Sector Utilities Company and although most of his career has been in Banking/Finance and Regulatory Compliance, has over 30 years experience in user systems construction, principally MS Access prior to O365.  For the last 2 years, he has been constructing Power Apps on a SharePoint base with the majority used by field crews working in Power Line Maintenance and Construction. Warren regards the Power Apps journey as a tremendous experience, commencing just over 2 years ago with the requirement for mobile applications progressing to the conversion of many Excel and paper-based processes to Power Apps.  The last six months on the forum has been highly rewarding with the bonus of helping others. In his spare time, he is involved in community activities and has volunteered his time as a Justice of the Peace for over 40 years.


New Super User: eka24


Entsie is a Chartered Accountant and also holds MBA in Finance. He has over 15 years experience in the Accounting and Financial sectors. He is enthusiastic about the Power Platform as it enables him to easily customize applications in the shortest possible time frame. Indeed the quest to customize applications or Systems to suit peculiar request led him into the Power Platform.






New Super User: KrishnaV

Krishna.JPGKrishna.Vandanapu a SharePoint architect working in IT from the last 15 years, worked in SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and Office 365. Working in Power platform from the last 2 years implemented performant Apps with SharePoint, SQL and CDS as backend sources. Expertise in SharePoint migration tools like Sharegate, Doc Ave, and Metalogix. Migrated SharePoint sites from SharePoint 2007 to 2010 and 2010 to 2013 and to SharePoint Online several times seamlessly. A public speaker and spoke in 5 SharePoint Saturday events and 3 events in local groups. Always love to help the team and fellow members on the same technology.



New Super User: jlindstrom


Joel Lindstrom leads the Hitachi Solutions North America Power Platform practice and is a 13-time Business Applications MVP.  Joel has worked on over 250 deployments of Microsoft Business Applications, including Power Apps, Dynamics 365, and Power Automate.  You can find Joel podcasting about the Power Platform at and blogging Power Platform tips at





New Super User: EricLott

Eric Lott.jpgEric is a business analyst and self-taught computer software engineer at Unclaimed Baggage Center in northeast Alabama. He is driven by continuous process improvement and automation with a focus in the Microsoft environment including SQL, C#, and of course the Power Platform. Recently, Eric helped launch Unclaimed Baggage's own eCommerce store ( which is powered by the Power Platform, including inventory management in PowerApps and Flow as well as reporting in Power BI.



New Super User: GarethPrisk


Gareth is an Enterprise Architect, currently working with Hitachi Solutions, with over ten years of enabling customer success and digital transformation. He is passionate about data modeling and user experience (UX). The Power Platform has enabled these two constructs to coexist seamlessly, and now Gareth seeks to discover, invent, and refine experiences that exceed his customers’ expectations. He is inspired by the involvement of the community and hopes to pay it forward with creative and illuminating solutions.




New Super User: Eelman

Eelman.JPGEddie started working for an energy company in Queensland, Australia approximately 18 months ago in a data analytics role. Within a month or two of being there, he was introduced to the O365 Power Platform and immediately recognized the huge benefits it could deliver his employer. Since then, he has built a number of business solutions, using PowerApps, Flow, Power BI and SharePoint … and loving every minute of it! A great deal of the knowledge he gained on these tools was taken from reading and participating in the PowerApps Forum and watching all the great YouTubers. Eddie is currently in career change mode studying a Bachelor of IT majoring in Data Analytics.



New Super User: R3dKap 


Emmanuel GALLIS has starting working on SharePoint in year 2012 after being a SAP consultant for 13 years. In 2013 he was hired by Ai3, a Microsoft pure player, and accomplished many projects on both SharePoint OnPremise and SharePoint Online. He then started implementing Power Apps & Power Automate solutions for various customers in various fields. Today he participates actively in the official Power Apps forums and specialized in creating Power Apps canvas components for the community.





New Super User: EricRegnier

ERicRegnier.JPGEric is a Solution Architect currently working at DXC Technology within the Power Platform Enterprise team.  Eric has been in the IT industry for 13 + years always focusing on line-of -business solutions with the Microsoft technologies.  Originally from Canada, Eric had the opportunity to work across the globe and helped many large-scale transformation for Fortune 500 customers, international enterprises and governmental organisations.  Eric is now based in New Zealand where he enjoys the epic beers and tasty coffee.




New Super User: OOlashyn


Oleksandr is a CRM Architect working for 3Shape.  He started working with Dynamics back in 2016. If he needs to pick a specializations in the Power Platform, then he says his main focus is Power Apps Portals and Power Apps Component Framework, but he also spends a lot of time working with different parts of the Power Platform community as well.  He has a blog called Dancing with CRM ( where he writes about Microsoft Power Platform, Azure and development in general.  His hobbies include dancing and coding.




New Super User: Diana

diana.JPGDiana is a Lead Developer at ORBIS AG.  She has over 20 years experience in web development, working with Dynamics 365 right from the beginning (back then Microsoft CRM v1.2).  She is focused on the ProDev aspects of the Poewr Platform, being enthustiastic about Power Apps Component Framework (PCF) development.  You an call her PCFLady.  YOu can find her answering questions in the "Power Apps Pro Dev & ISV" Forum, blogging on her "Dianamics" blog site and sharing free PCF controls on



A huge thank you to these dedicated Super Users, who continue to be part of the Super User program.  Due to their awesome work, a lot of our Super Users have been able to climb the ranks:


Super User: RandyHayes 


Randy is president of a small business that focuses on small business and maximizing their efficiency with PowerApps, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365.  With over 35 years of IT experience, from electronics engineering through networking to design, architecture and development he has successfully helped many companies be “anything but small”.  A 10-year Microsoft ASP.NET MVP he has applied development practices to successful solutions.  After many years of costly design and development projects, he has found Power Apps to be the magic easy-button that has so long been desired.  Now real-world solutions are achievable at a lower cost and help turn his clients into “smart businesses” rapidly.  Randy is also the leader of three local community groups focused on technology and business, two non-profit organizations focused on the outreach of technology to non-profit organizations, and spends his free time composing music and enjoying family.



Super User: wyotim


Timothy works for a small company in the energy sector, creating digital solutions using the Power Platform, Office 365, and Azure SQL as well as handling their general IT needs. In his downtime, he enjoys playing guitar, watching good (or really bad!) sci-fi, Xbox, and hanging out with his wife and son.







Super User: PowerAddict 

Power Addict.JPG

Hardit is an Electrical Engineer with a MBA in Finance. He has over 10 years’ experience as an analyst/manager/consultant in IT, financial services and hospitality industry. With a deep interest in tasks involving analytical thinking, Power Apps is the world he had been dreaming of since a very long time! When he got introduced into the world of Power Apps, it took him just a few weeks to get addicted and dive deep into it! He is now obsessed with everything related to Power Apps and is always on the lookout to spread the knowledge and invite more and more people into this world!




Dual Super User: RezaDorrani 


Reza is a Microsoft Business Applications MVP & Principal Consultant at Catapult Systems. He focuses on the Power Platform Practice and has over 12+ years of experience in IT.  He is a Microsoft Power Apps & Microsoft Power Automate community Super user which makes him a Dual Super user.  He was awarded the Microsoft Flow All Star award by the Power Automate Community.  He is also the founder and leader of the Houston Powe Apps & Power Automate User Group. Reza also makes videos on Power Platform and shares his work on the community forums & GitHub.

YouTube -    Twitter - 

Blog –   GitHub -



Super User: timl

timl.JPGTim is an early adopter of Power Apps and one of the first Super Users on this forum. By profession, he is a software developer. He is probably best known for writing the first book on Power Apps - ’Beginning Power Apps'.  Just ask, he loves these forums. They've given him a  chance to meet some amazing people. I'm inspired by the knowledge and dedication of those who devote so much time to helping others. He is proud to be part of this group and it makes him happy to be able to share his expertise, encourage adoption of PowerApps, and to answer whatever questions that he can. If you're new to this, he encourages you to take part in this great community.




Super User: iAm_ManCat 

sancho.JPGSancho is an Office365 and Microsoft Power Platform evangelist who specializes in creating integrated and low-cost solutions. Recognized as a Super User on the Microsoft Power Apps Community forums since July 2019, and a #PowerAppsChamp since November 2019.  Sancho enjoys helping others and can become very animated if asked to elaborate on a topic that he knows/loves. His passion for computers and technology stems from his father, who sadly passed away when he was a young age. As an autistic person, the modern workplace environment can sometimes be a struggle. PowerApps has changed his life, not only professionally but also personally. It has given him a chance to be part of a larger community where his input is valued and respected.  When not empowering others through technology, Sancho enjoys creating fine-art drawings, playing the piano, programming and gaming



Super User: ThatAPIGuy 

Vivek.JPGVivek Bavishi is a Microsoft Business Applications MVP who has been working on the Power Platform since it’s inception.  He is one of the proponents of the #PowerAddicts community and loves sharing his experiences with others. He is also a PowerApps Champion who has enabled his organization to be more productive and efficient by using the Power Platform.  He writes blogs, makes videos and shares his work on GitHub. The quickest way to reach out to him is through Twitter (

Blog – YouTube -



Super User: Shanescows 



Shane is a lover of all things Power Apps which he talks about on his Power Apps YouTube channel. There you will find countless videos where Shane and his trusty sidekick Chewy teach you how to do awesome stuff with Power Apps. When they aren’t being YouTube stars, you can find them building apps and taking naps at






Super User: rebeccas


Rebecca designs apps for non-technical users in a small manufacturing firm means I spend a lot of time interfacing with users, examining their existing processes, then designing and modifying Power Apps and Flow solutions to facilitate improved management of work processes. Being recognized as one of the PowerChamps means she interacts with so many people in the community, sharing tips and ideas, and collectively creating really new and innovative content.





Super User: LRVinNC 

Lori.JPGLori is a Tools & Technology Architect at Teradata by day, where she, builds Power Platform solutions for the Consulting organization. By night, she shares her knowledge and experience with the Power Platform through her website and YouTube channel, Doggone Good Consulting, focusing on helping new users find the information they need to be successful with Power Apps and the entire Power Platform.







Super User: DavesTechTips 

Dawid.JPG“Dawid is an IT executive with over 20 years’ experience in areas ranging from infrastructure to business processes development and solution implementation. He has worked with many organizations of all sizes to ensure that their IT strategies compliment their organization's vision, and that the full potential of their IT investments are being realized. Since founding Ukuvuma Solutions in 2004, he has been involved with 100s of projects from large-scale collaborative system deployments, to innovative mobile solutions. As the Modern Workplace Director at Ukuvuma Solutions, he is involved with high end projects to share his passion for innovation, integration and strategy combined with his in-depth knowledge of the Microsoft Power Platform.



Dual Super User: yashag2255 


Yash is a Software Developer at AIS, Microsoft Business Applications MVP and is located in India.









Dual Super User: Pstork1


Paul is the Owner/Principal Architect at Don't Pa..Panic Consulting. He has been working in the information technology industry for over 30 years and has played key roles in several enterprise SharePoint architectural design review, Intranet deployment, application development, and migration projects. he has been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for the last 13 consecutive years and earned his Microsoft Certified SharePoint Masters (MCSM) certification in 2013. His current focus is on Office 365 security, Teams, Power Apps and Power Automate.




Dual Super User: efialttes 


Javier, has been using two different usernames at the Power Platform Community: @efialttes and @efialtes You can find him also by Twitter at @J_Ferreiro_G . He works as a Project Manager for Telefónica, the main telecom Operator in Spain and Latin-America, also operating in UK and Germany under O2 brand. In the middle of a research for fast app prototyping I found himself contributing to project Siena, and then jumped first into PowerApps and then into Flow (now rebranded as Power Automate). The research project was finally abandoned, however, but thanks to Telefonica migration to an Office 365 based solution, he is dealing a Remote Process Automation based project focusing on internal processes that used to be manual, email based before... with the help of Microsoft Power Platform tools.  Active contributor both on Power Platform community Forums and more recently in the context of the Power Platform local community in Madrid, he has just launched a blog in Spanish called 'Any one can automate' at



Super User: PaulD1 


Paul is originally from the UK but recently moved to New Zealand, Paul works on Datacom’s Power Platform team and co-hosts the Christchurch Power Apps and Power Automate user group. Paul also has a YouTube channel ( where he shares tips and tricks.








Super User: leyburn19 


Mark is a National Operations Manager For a Supply Chain supporting 29 Clothing and Textile Stores across Australia. Primary focus is on integrated logistics business operations, project management and strategic business management.








Super User: darogael 

daniel.JPGDaniel has over 15 years of experience has brought about a dynamic spirited and performance driven professional which a blend of leadership and business knowledge. Recognized by Microsoft for writing blogs and videos in the Power Platform Community regarding the Power Platform and its integration with Azure Cognitive Services, OneDrive, SharePoint and SQL. As an active speaker and influencer at events and social media, Daniel demonstrates his passion of being a big proponent of sharing his knowledge and experience




Super User: mdevaney 

Matt.JPGMatthew Devaney is a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) from Winnipeg, Canada. An 'Excel Wizard' by day and a Power Apps maker by night, he loves teaching others the skills needed to build their own awesome Apps!

He publishes weekly 'how-to' articles about Power Apps on his website (Link: https:// and likes to share 'hot tips' on his Twitter account @mattbdevaney (link:



Super User: ericonline 


Eric is a "Full-time Power Platform and Azure developer for the past 2+ years. Recent Microsoft MVP (June 2020) Business Applications. Founding member of Seattle PowerAppers Meetup Group. Intensely focused on enterprise-grade, integrated PowerApps, PowerAutomate, PowerBI solutions that leverage Azure as a data source and service. Longtime participant and contributor to the Power Platform community!"






Super User: Drrickryp 

Drrickryp.JPGPower Apps Community Mentor 2018, Practicing surgeon in San Diego, CA
and former Professor of Surgery, University of Illinois, Chicago.


Meet Our Blog Authors
  • PowerApps Community Mentor 2018, Practicing surgeon and former Professor of Surgery, University of Illinois, Chicago.
  • Jill of All Trades (Power Apps, SharePoint, PowerShell, Exchange, Power Automate and odds & ends of assorted other things)
  • I am the Owner/Principal Architect at Don't Pa..Panic Consulting. I've been working in the information technology industry for over 30 years, and have played key roles in several enterprise SharePoint architectural design review, Intranet deployment, application development, and migration projects. I've been a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) 12 consecutive years and am also a Microsoft Certified SharePoint Masters (MCSM) since 2013.
  • I'm Tim Leung - a PowerApps builder. In addition to PowerApps, my main interests include building software with SQL Server and Microsoft .NET. I'm the author of 'Beginning PowerApps' - the first published book on PowerApps. You can buy this from Amazon and other leading bookstores.
  • Systems developer
  • My name is Timothy Shaw and I create digital solutions using the Power Platform, Office 365, and Azure SQL and handle the IT for a small company in the energy sector. When not building the future :), I enjoy playing guitar, good (or really bad!) sci-fi, Xbox therapy, and hanging with my wife and son. Twitter: @ShortForTim