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The Power Platform World Tour (formerly referred to as the Power BI World Tour) is well underway as it recently wrapped up its second stop in Silicon Valley, California.

With 24+ breakout sessions covering topics across the entire Power Platform, expert speakers, and great conversations fueled by gallons of coffee, it’s easy to see the excitement building within the Power Platform User Groups.

After all, when else do Microsoft team members, users of Power BI, PowerApps, and Flow, and industry experts gather together to bring content closer to the local community?

This is the time to push the boundaries of current business practices by focusing on empowerment, customization, and innovations through a community approach. This is your opportunity as a Citizen Developer, Technical, Business, or New User to step away from your desk and focus on discovering best practices for maximizing efficiency and effectiveness within your Power Platform product.

Washington D.C. and Chicago are on the horizon – Now is the time to get involved as we connect, collaborate, and build.

Visit powerplatformworldtour.com to view a full list of upcoming cities and register for the one nearest you!


A button in PowerApps has a "OnSelect" property but no "OnDoubleSelect" property. So is it not possible to have a double-click event in PowerApps then? But it is possible, with a little bit of extra effort. This blog post shows you how to add double-click functionality to a button in PowerApps. At the end, a video is shown for a more visual explanation.


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Online && SharePointAccess

Part 2 of Building a Theme Component

In this post I will demonstrate saving to the Theme preferences to SharePoint and how to add a layer of Security to the using an Azure Active Directory Security Group.


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Add a theme component to add custom styles to your app in design mode or even allow your users to style your app and save their preferences.