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Continued Contributor

The excitement around low code solutions and technological advancements has made everyone eager to see automation advances. Since we are technophiles and using low-code technology is our course of action, automating our process is not only an exciting but groundbreaking move for us. Even so, we need to take a moment to reflect and consider: Automation is undoubtedly beneficial, but is it necessary for everything to be automated? As digital automation becomes more prevalent, the dilemma of how to discern which jobs are appropriate for automation and which ones are not arises. We should not put off taking the initiative to search for indications of various parallels among these pointless initiatives.


Advocate III
Advocate III

User Case: When setting up a contact in Dynamics 365, verify if a contact with the same email address already exists. If it does, prompt an error message indicating a duplicate email address.

Step 1:  Navigate to, screen 1 àCreate a Blank Canvas App à Connect with Dynamics 365 Data Source à Connect Contact Entity as Dataset (You can connect other entity also as per your requirement)





Step 2:  Screen 2 - Insert a new Blank Screen to show Duplicate Detection Dialog



Step 3:  Add few Text Input and Button Controls in Screen 1 or design as per your need.



Step 4:  Add below formula on Button Control (onSelect property) to find Duplicate Record.


LookUp(Contacts,emailaddress1 =Emailaddress_Text.Text)),

UpdateContext({result: "Duplicates Record not found"}),





You can use following formula also on Button Control (onSelect property) to find Duplicate Record

UpdateContext({recordCount: CountIf(Contacts,emailaddress1 = Emailaddress_Text.Text)});


If(recordCount > 0, Navigate(DuplicateDetectionDailogbox,ScreenTransition.Fade))


Step 5: Test the App



Before running the App, I’ve taken the existing email address from an existing contact.




And I’ve entered details into the App. Upon clicking 'Submit,' the Duplicate Detection Screen will appear.




If you provide a new email address that does not exist in the contact records, the result will be display as “Duplicates Record not found”. You can find result from variables.



Thank you..!