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Memorable Member
Memorable Member

These calls we will share the latest news about PowerApps, demonstrate tips and tools to help you build awesome PowerApps. You will meet the PowerApps product team and community experts to get your questions answered. Agenda for this month’s call included: Deep dive into components! Recent news and community activities Q&A.

This month's call is starring: Daniel Christian and Todd Baginski





Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

This Blog is about the Combo Box and an alternative way to set them up. This post is interesting for several reasons:

  • Setting up Combo boxes is relatively time-consuming
  • Combo Boxes tent to change the displayed text from time to time
  • We want to make it easier to reuse code in our apps

In this blog, we will create a wrapper formula to deal with this point. We use Filter, AddColumns, SortByColumns, ShowColumns formulas to do so.

If you are more a visual learner, you can also watch this video:

Let start!