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This blog is about how Dynamics 365 solutions show in-app notifications by leveraging the Solution Health Hub.


Solution Health Hub allows you to get a better picture of the state of your environment and detect issues with your Dynamics 365 environment. The Solution Health Hub runs rules within an instance to validate the environment's configuration, which might change over time through natural system operations. Some of the rules are specific to Customer Service, and you can run a rule set on demand when you have an issue.

Solution Health Hub provides an ability to troubleshoot issues specific to any out of the box solution. Learn more: Troubleshoot issues in Customer Service and Omnichannel for Customer Service with Solution Health Hu...


In-app notifications in model-driven apps are shown to users as a notification or in the notification center. Notifications are directed to a specific user and can be sent through external systems, Power Automate, or from within the system. An app maker needs to opt in to this feature to make the notifications appear for users within the model-driven app. Learn more: Send in-app notifications within model-driven apps (preview) - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs
 Refer to this Microsoft documentation for more details on In-App notifications :  

Model-driven app adds in-app notifications - Power Platform Release Plan | Microsoft Docs  


Solution Health Hub rule failures specific to a particular solution, indicate issues with the health of a particular solution. This may give rise to unexpected behavior of certain scenarios for the customers. These rules run on a certain cadence, but the results are not visible to the user, unless the customers visit the execution of the solution health rule run. This feature enables the users to see a notification about the failed rules and the notification also has a link that navigates to the run that shows the details of the failures. 


Moreover, there is now a new solution health hub rule that parses the forms of the given entity and identifies the unhealthy customizations that impact the form load times. Once it identifies the issue, customers get an in-app notification with a recommendation to fix the observed issue for better performance. This in-app notification specifies the number of controls that can be optimized for a better performance.