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Advocate IV
Advocate IV

App with Named Formulas crashes in 3.22091.11 and 3.22092.12

I'm able to create Named Formulas in Power Apps Studio, but when I publish the app and try to run it, it crashes with the message "This app stopped working. Try refreshing your browser".

Running the app in the Studio works without problems.


There is only one Named Formula defined in this app:

App.Formulas = VERSION = "1.0.100";

Screen1.Label1.Text = VERSION


That's it, that's the app.


I tested as follows:

  • Preview Environment (WUS)
  • Developer Environment (Europe)
  • Windows 10 and 11
  • Browser
    • Edge
    • Edge InPrivate Mode
  • Power Apps app on Android
  • Power Apps versions
    •   3.22091.11 (recommended)
    •   3.22092.12


Helper I
Helper I

Something similar is also happening to me. I have a named formula and now my app does not open in mobile. Hitting the “i” button in power apps APP (mobile) is shows that SharePoint login is in a loop state. All other apps are fine!

New Member

I have the same issue - blank app with Named Formulas enabled.


Declaring a formula works fine.  But as soon as I make reference to a named formula I get the "This App stopped working...." error.


App works fine in Preview mode.


No errors in Monitor.

Advocate I
Advocate I

Had the same issue, reproducing my post here:



Been having this issue with the new feature where an app I added Named Formulas to won't open on the Player for any platform (Windows, browser, or mobile). Just to make sure it wasn't a problem on my end, I opened a different test app and ran the following tests:


1. Run the existing app to ensure it works. PASS

2. Re-publish the same app under the latest/recommended Editor version. PASS

3. Add 'f_Test = "test";' to app's Formula section and add a label referencing that variable, then republish. FAIL

- App hangs on loading circle image and doesn't show the app's icon/title. It hangs there for a decent amount of time (I didn't wait to test just how far it would last, but it can remain like this for at least 1 minute).

4. Remove the formula and make the label just say "teeest" on its own. FAIL (not sure why)

- Same issue as previous test.


Just to be sure, I tried again with a new, blank app:

1. Just publish an app with no changes except a standard label (using default authoring version 3.22091.11). PASS

2. Turn on Named Formulas, add second label with default text, and republish. PASS

3. Add formula 'f_Test="test";', add third label with default text (not using formula value), republish. PASS

4. Add fourth label and set its Text value to f_Test, republish. FAIL

- This one reached the loading screen that shows the app icon/title, but then flickered once a few seconds later (said "Getting your data..." I think) and crashed to a white screen saying "This app stopped working. Try refreshing your browser." and a session ID. Refreshing just took me back to this screen. Closing the browser and re-opening flickered the screen again, then showed me the refresh message. Cache clear had the same effect. Opening in the Windows player gave a generic error message a few seconds into loading, and the mobile app hangs here for at least 5 minutes without opening.

5. Change the fourth label's Text value from f_Test's value to "something else here", republish. PASS

6. Change the label's value back to f_Test's value, then save/republish the app under the newest authoring version (3.22092.12). FAIL

- Same as step 4, but this time the mobile version gave an error message very quickly instead of just sitting there.


Has anyone found something that prevents this?

Super User
Super User

Confirmed as reproducible issue with named formulas not currently working in 3.22091.11

Session ID: 41926724-34e8-43a9-86ac-3776e8147e52

and 3.22092.12

Session ID: 7e6ecbc5-2a31-48da-82ef-2fc7c87f72b1


Tagging in @GregLi for visibility 💜


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Sancho Harker, MVP

Power Apps
Power Apps

Thanks everyone fir the details reports!  

We are aware of the issue and a fix is in the works, we hope to have it deployed in a few days.  My understanding is that it is only an issue with constants,  For example,

Backcolor = if(1>0, Gray, Red)
works but
Backcolor = Gray

dies not.  

But that distinction won’t last long, we will get this fixed shortly.  🙂


Awesome, thanks for getting back to us so quickly 🙂


Hope you have a great day!





Please 'Mark as Solution' if someone's post answered your question and always 'Thumbs Up' the posts you like or that helped you!

You and everyone else in the community make it the awesome and welcoming place it is, keep your questions coming and make sure to 'like' anything that makes you 'Appy
Sancho Harker, MVP

Super User
Super User

Is there any fix to get off the "infinite" loading circle screen? I've turned off the feature, but the app won't get past the loading circle now.

E: had to revert to a version prior to enabling the feature, re-save, re-publish, and/or change publishing version. I didn't take note of the order I did those things, but it was a combination of those.

Advocate IV
Advocate IV

It seems that the issue has been fixed in version 3.22092.19.


UPDATE: 3.22091.23 also works


UPDATE: I removed the mark as "solved" because it turned out that the versions described above are not stable.

Super User
Super User

1. Changed version

2. Saved, reloaded, turned on formulas, reloaded

3. Added formula

4. Published


3.22092.19 and 3.22091.23 return the same troubles with me, the former eventually landing me here after having spun at the loading circle for a bit (4-5 minutes?):




Formula =

f_Admin = Lower(User().Email) in [


Simple restore/save/publish to previous version 3.22091.11 (prior to enabling formulas) brought it back to normal.

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