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Advocate IV
Advocate IV

App with Named Formulas crashes in 3.22091.11 and 3.22092.12

I'm able to create Named Formulas in Power Apps Studio, but when I publish the app and try to run it, it crashes with the message "This app stopped working. Try refreshing your browser".

Running the app in the Studio works without problems.


There is only one Named Formula defined in this app:

App.Formulas = VERSION = "1.0.100";

Screen1.Label1.Text = VERSION


That's it, that's the app.


I tested as follows:

  • Preview Environment (WUS)
  • Developer Environment (Europe)
  • Windows 10 and 11
  • Browser
    • Edge
    • Edge InPrivate Mode
  • Power Apps app on Android
  • Power Apps versions
    •   3.22091.11 (recommended)
    •   3.22092.12


Power Apps
Power Apps

@JamesSnaps , Can you please share session Id for your App playing session when app never loads?



I'm unable to get a session ID when playing the app as it's literally just a blank screen with a loading icon, no toolbar to get session details from. Is the session ID from the edit mode an option, or can I get the session ID another way?

Power Apps
Power Apps

@jam , Can you please provide authoring session id in that case where you published the app with the suggested changes above?

@ShantanuP - sure, here it is:



This is the duplicate app I made of my usual one, in order to test.

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

@JamesSnaps @TxH 


Not sure how you're getting along with this issue, but I am experiencing the same thing!


For me, my app still loads if I have a single connection (Sharepoint) regardless of Named Formulas, authoring version etc. But as soon as I add a second connection (outlook, gmail), even through the use of a flow, the app suffers the same issue.

No luck so far @chrisog, still waiting to hear back with any update on the above so I can only assume it's another issue they're still working on to fix.

@ShantanuP - The fix you mentioned that would be deployed by the end of this week - is that still happening?

Kudo Collector
Kudo Collector

Update on this - I noticed 3.22091.11 has gone now and 3.22091.26 is there in its place. So I tried duplicating a different app and activating named formulas. Everything worked fine. But my other apps I tested named formulas on still don't work, they seem inherently broken by the previous activation. Only way I could get things working again was a roll back to a version prior to activating named formulas and then proceeding from there.

Power Apps
Power Apps

@JamesSnaps , The fix is still not out yet. We are working on it. I will update the thread when fix is deployed.

Power Apps
Power Apps

The fix is available in version 3.22091.27 now. 

Resolver II
Resolver II

@ShantanuP, thanks for the update. It is working now on my end. Is there some issue on github or so where we could follow along such things?

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