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Advocate II
Advocate II

Adding users to an environment and sharing apps

Hi there,

I have created 3 environments: development (sandbox), test & acceptance (sandbox) and also a production (production) environment.

When I created the environment, I saw that a lot of people from the business were in the environment as an user, but the couldn't see the environment when they logged in: =


I then had a look at one account and I gave him the security role "Basic User", but even then he is not able to see the environments.


Could someone tell me how I can share the newly created environments to other users?

I basically would like the developers to only have access to the DEV and ACPT environments, and I want the business users to have access only to the production environment.


Thanks for your help!

Super User
Super User

Hi @Gjakova 


Did you add security groups to the environments? As per this doc


Security Groups give you the ability to determine who can see the environment in


In my experience, when an environment is first created and users added to it, it can take a few minutes for the environment to show up in

Advocate II
Advocate II

Hej @HSheild, it has been over 24 hours, but I still can't see it.


I did not know that you have to assign users to a security group first. I just created a security group and added another user to it, but the person still can't see the app. Although it has only been 5 minutes. So we will keep monitoring this and hope it is indeed the solution. Thanks for your recommendation.



You could also try the Run Diagnostic feature against the users to see if you’ve missed anything in set up

Advocate II
Advocate II

Hey @HSheild, sorry to bother you again. But I just keep hitting a wall and am losing hope.


I created the security groups for each environment. I gave the test user a Basic User role and added the person to the security groups. I also attached the security groups to the environment, but no success... at least... kind off..


Once I copy and paste the URL and send it to the user, then the user can open the environment and he can see the environment in his list of environments. But when he closes the browser, he only sees the default environment he can select.


Could you please list the steps you would take in this scenario:


I have 3 environments: DEV, TEST and PROD.

I want to have 3 groups: developers (access to DEV), testers (access to TEST), business users (access to PROD).


When employees join the company (or new users) I want to add them to their rightfull group. So people that will create apps to the developers group, people that test apps to the test group and people that use the app daily to the business users group.


What would YOU do in this situation? I would like that the environment shows in the users list and that they can select it when they need to view their environment.


Business users should only be able to VIEW the apps, as well as testers.

Developers should be able to create apps in the DEV environment, so they need to have more access.


I hope you can help me out. Thanks in advance!

@Gjakova In my experience sometimes the business users don't close the power app session and so the newly made changes are not reflected at their end. I would suggest doing a virtual meeting call and ask the business user to share the screen. If this doesn't resolve the issue then

  1. Create a security group by copying the existing (default) security group, rename the copied security group
  2. Apply changes and check again.

Is your database based on Dataverse?

If so then you can dowload a solution which includes settings for a minimum priviledged role, here


More information about security roles, here Configure user security in an environment - Power Platform | Microsoft Learn



Super User
Super User

Basic users and other app end users aren't meant to see environments in the Maker portal. That's for app makers. End users will need to discover the apps through other means, such as a direct link on an intranet page, apps added as Teams tabs etc. Yes, it's pretty bizarre that Microsoft hasn't built a "My Apps" view into the Power Apps product itself, but that's how it goes. I've written a blog post about this with more details: Where can I see a list of my Power Apps?

Environment Maker is a role that (in addition to the classic XRM roles System Customizer and System Administrator) does allow accessing the environment via and seeing it in the environment picker.

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