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Automating the input of Credentials to Add-PowerAppsAccount

Is there any way to pass the credentials required for Add-PowerAppsAccount to the function using parameters?

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Power Apps

Yes!  I call this out here:



# Here is how you can pass in credentials (avoiding opening a prompt)


$pass = ConvertTo-SecureString "password" -AsPlainText -Force

Add-PowerAppsAccount -Username -Password $pass

There is no parameter for Username or Password. The only parameters available are:


Add-PowerAppsAccount [[-Audience] <string>] [[-Endpoint] {prod | preview | tip1 | tip2}]  [<CommonParameters>]


Where can I get your version of the Add-PowerAppsAccount cmdlet?





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Hi Eddie,


If you download from the link on this page, you will get the V3 of the cmdlets.

With this version, Add-PowerAppsAccount takes the additional parameters.




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I know I'm coming accross this post like several months later, however would suggest not putting your password in plaintext in a script file.


-First export your credentials,

Get-Credential | Export-CliXml 'C:\location.xml'

Then each time after that, you can do this,

$cred = Import-Clixml 'C:\location.xml'
Add-PowerAppsAccount -Username $cred.UserName -Password $cred.Password

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