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Create PowerAppConnection through PowerShell



Is there any way to create a PowerAppConnection through PowerShell or any other scripting language? I need this because I want to automate the setup of an environment through a devops pipeline.


So far I found commands for Reading and Deleting a Connection, but nothing for Creates (e.g. `Get-PowerAppConnection` in the `Microsoft.PowerApps.Administration.PowerShell` module).





Hello Vladimir, 

Thank you for yor post, 

I dont think there is an option for create 


PowerShell Cmdlets for PowerApps and Flow creators and administrators | Microsoft Power Apps

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Thank you for your response, @jekakou . Are there any plans to add an option for Create?

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There is actually an option to create a Power Platform environment through PowerShell.
This is part of the Microsoft.PowerApps.Administration.PowerShell module.
You can find some more information about this here.

If you rather use another scripting language than PowerShell as long as you can make HTTP request you can use the Online Management API.
The specific call you can make to create an environment is this one.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks, @MrRegalius , but I'm actually looking for the Create of a Connection, not an Environment. So, the Create equivalent of the Get-AdminPowerAppConnection .


I found this thread which speaks about the same problem, and the suggestion they're being offered is to post an idea to implement the Create 😕.

Solved: Az Powershell Create Connection - Power Platform Community (

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My apologies, I completely misread your question!
There currently is no feature to create a connection.


I don't think this is a feature you should expect soon.
As every possible connector can have a different way of connecting, by Service Principal, OAuth, Basic Auth, etc.
And the creator of the connector is the only one that has influence on this.
So I don't know how quick Microsoft would be with this request.

I didn't find an Idea, so I created on you can follow it here.
So you can upvote it, and add a comment with features I missed on.

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