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Helper III
Helper III

Created a new user, but cannot access flows that others can



I have 4 environments in power admin created. I created a new user in 365 admin and set all the right permissions(I think) and everything was fine. But when I sign into office 365 with the new account, when I click on the environment to change it to a different one, nothing shows up. I'v gone through power platform admin, 365 admin, checking permissions, groups, etc, but can't figure out why the new user is unable to see the other environments and switch to them. Can someone please help me? I'm still new to this thing so I might be overlooking something basic. Thanks.


Edit: It's always like this...soon as I ask the question, I stumble on the answer after hours of searching. Anyway, for anyone who encounters such a thing in the future; if you share any app using an account that can see the environments, within the environment they can't see/access with the user, they'll be able to see the environment and change it on their own after that.


Edit: Okay, I can see the environments now, but cannot see the flows that other user can see. I've shared 2 different flows with the new user and they can only see those 2 flows and not the rest. Anyone got any ideas?

Resolver II
Resolver II

Yes, unfortunately, as far as I'm aware, you need to share each flow specifically with the user so that can see the Flow directly within the Flows section of the maker portal.


If you have created a database for your environment, and your user is a system administrator of that environment ("System Customiser" role may also work, but not sure about "Environment Admin" role), then that user can workaround this by opening the Default solution (you can access the "Default" solution via the solutions section of the maker portal). From here they can see all Flows that are in a solution (but they would unfortunately still not be able to see Flows created by other users that are manually triggered flows and have been created outside of a solution)

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