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Creating DLP Policy with PowerShell module

I'd like to use the PowerApps.Admin PowerShell module to create a DLP policy but I'm not sure where to find the appropriate "ConnectorName" needed for the Add-ConnectorToBusinessDataGroup.  In the exampe provided by the Get-Help cmdlet, the connector name used "shared_office365users", but when I get an existing policy it has a display name "Office 365 Users".  Is there a documented list of the api names for all of the connectors? And what about a custom connector, is there an easy way to look that up?


 PS C:\>Add-ConnectorToBusinessDataGroup -PolicyName e25a94b2-3111-468e-9125-3d3db3938f13 -ConnectorName shared_office365users
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Re: Creating DLP Policy with PowerShell module

You can quickly grab the internal name (which looks like guid) of the policy by going to the PowerApps Admin center and clicking Data Policies. Click on the policy you are looking for and in the URL you will see the internal name which will be the value after "/apiPolicies/".

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Re: Creating DLP Policy with PowerShell module

Thanks @Jeff_Thorpe ... I was trying to create a policy using the new "2018-11-01" schema.  All the docs a very confusing.  What I've found was that if you set your scheema to "2018-11-01", the Add-ConnectorToBusinessData no longer works.  You then need to use the Add-CustomConnectorToPolicy cmdlet to add the non-custom connectors.  What I'm finding now is that you can only use the new schema on tenant-wide policies and not on the individual environment policies.


Lastly, I found a list of connectors published on this blog post:


This is great, but this same doc is post in the PowerApps doc site, but the link to the connector list is broken in the doc site.


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Re: Creating DLP Policy with PowerShell module

Doing the same here, but can't seem to find the Powershell commands to add an enviroment to a DLP, remove an Environment form a DLP (and /or Exclude environemtns form th tenant DLP).

th eonly one I think might be related is : 



But see no documentation on this.


and if you have links to detail sdescription , and how to use all the PowerApp Powershell command it would be great

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