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Database Capacity

Hi all,


I am confused with the PowerApps Database Capacity.


I built an app that just reads and creates to a SharePoint List item and have a flow to do the approval process. My understanding was, if you have Office E3 license, you can use PowerApps and access the data from Office 365 environment.


When I checked the Database usage in admin centre, it says I am over, (Picture below)

PowrerApps Data.PNG


Do I need extra license to use PowerApps without using CDS?


Appreciate any help with this.


Kind regards,



Resolver I
Resolver I

So, my response here could be veering slightly away from the original post as this is more in relation to what a few users have posted re Default Environments so apologies if this takes it away. I'll try and post links to some of the helpful discussions I have come across as this is a complicated and confusing area that is not particularly well clarified by Microsoft...yet.


We recently discovered a similar issue to what has been raised by a few users regarding Default environments. We were wanting to backup our default environment and discovered we were unable to do so as Default Environments cannot be backed upped (Separate issue but important to note nonetheless - more here.)


This led us also to discover the warning message: "Your organization (tenant) is over capacity. This will impact certain environment operations." and like the original post, our database and file were wayyy over capacity.


We had to do a lot of digging to uncover what was going on and open a support ticket with Microsoft. I would recommend doing this as this can get very nitty gritty details depending on the licences etc. you have. 


The long and short of it was that we were told we would need to purchase a licence to add some form of CAPACITY to our TENANT. I *think* the issue we saw is the problem arises when you have a licence which allows you to use PowerApps but you don't actually get any capacity with it.


Here are a couple of helpful places to look at if you haven't already:


Microsoft's overview of capacity storage:


This is an old but relatively up to date description of pricing around storage (as it is not explicitly stated anywhere on Microsoft's documentation as far I can tell):


Apologies that this doesn't entirely answer the question but without knowing the full details of each users setup, it is difficult to know exactly where the problem may lie hence the recommendation to open a support ticket.

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